[Ohio-talk] FW: Newsline volunteers needed

J.W. Smith jwsmithnfb at frontier.com
Mon Apr 23 21:28:22 UTC 2012

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for this very
important Committee.





Dr. J. Webster Smith

President, National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

PO Box 458 Athens, OH 45701



"Changing what it means to be blind"

For more information go to nfbohio.org


From: Cheryl Fischer [mailto:c16a19f at sbcglobal.net] 
Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 4:45 PM
To: jwsmithnfb at frontier.com
Subject: Newsline volunteers needed


Hello JW.


As discussed at the Board meeting, many of our new Newsline subscribers are
not using the service, and I don't have time to make personal contact with
all of them as I used to do. We need volunteers 1. To check that new
Newsline subscribers are aware that they are registered for the Newsline
service, 2. To make sure that they know what the service is, and 3. to
explain or demonstrate for them how the Newsline touch-tone menus work. Of
course, this is also an opportunity to check that they are connected with
other services such as the Library for the Blind and the Ohio Rehabilitation
Services Commision and to provide encouragement to those who are having a
difficult time coping with their vision loss. 


It will be helpful if volunteers have some flexibility with long distance
minutes, though I will try to match volunteers with Newsline registrants in
their local area. It is also helpful, but not mandatory, that volunteers
have three-way calling. It is probably most important that volunteers use
the Newsline service themselves and that they are enthusiastic about it. 


My experience is that many new Newsline subscribers vaguely remember signing
up for the service and kind of remember getting something about it in the
mail, but they don't remember any details about how it works or what
Newsline has to offer. As I tell them about the things available on the
service and how easy it is to use, most become very interested and write
down or get someone to write down the phone number, access codes, and basic
commands they need to use Newsline. 


Please forward this on to persons who you think would be interested in being
volunteers and to those who could identify other people around the State who
love Newsline and might like to volunteer.


Thank you!



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