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People must not be paying attention this is a old message check the dates
the call is over. Richard

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Ok tell me the number and the date.

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I just would like to have it earlier like 7 are 7.30p other than that

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	Colleagues, I'd like to have a Conference call on either Monday July
9th or Tuesday July 10th at 8 to start the planning for our State Convention
this year.


	Do any of you have a particular reason why you might not be able to
make that call or have a preference for one day over the other?


	I'd like to send out the information for the call soon so please
respond to me as quickly as possible ok?





	Dr. J. Webster Smith

	President, National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

	PO Box 458 Athens, OH 45701



	"Changing what it means to be blind"

	For more information go to nfbohio.org


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