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We picketed the Elyria store. The manager at the Drugmart next door asked us
to stay on the Goodwill side. But his customers read our signs anyway and
took our leaflets when they came our way. We decided that the results were
worth our effort. We engaged a number of folks in discussion. The level of
incomprehension was pretty great, and some people went away thinking badly
of Goodwill but still of the opinion that sheltered workers who produce at
half the rate of compepitive workers  should reasonably receive half the
minimum wage. I did not feel that we could go into mismatched skills, falty
equipment, and poor material delivery complicate the issue. But we did
spread the word. I think Goodwill must have instructed employees not to
engage with us. At least no one ever came out to talk.


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Good afternoon,
      The Cuyahoga and cleveland chapters met at the Goodwill store in
Cleveland.  We had a really good response with the people we spoke with.
Most of them were shocked that the practice of subminimum wage payments was
being practiced with companies like goodwill.  Hopefully we opened a lot of
eyes today.  I'm curious how the rest of the state chapters did.

            Thank you Jerry
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