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Hello Friends,

Do you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area?  Have you ever wanted groceries delivered to your door?  Check out this new, local service.  It features items commonly found in a typical supermarket.  Just think, avoid going out in the blistering wind, snow, and Ice.  Avoid the drudgery of aisle shopping and stay warm and enjoy shopping online at your leisure.  Go to:


Presto Fresh has discounted items and award savings on certain items.

Here is the e-mail I received from Presto Fresh:

Annnnddd....we're off!!

We're excited to say that PrestoFresh Grocery Delivery is now open for business and taking delivery orders! To this end, we wanted to send an exclusive, mailing-list-member-only, message on some insights into our plans and the highlights of our site. But before we get to that, just a reminder: be sure to use that discount code of Welcome2013 for your first order - it will save you a $10 bill!

First...the basics
Where are we delivering? We are starting by offering delivery to the following zip codes, with plans for expansion in 2014: 44102, 44105, 44106, 44107, 44108, 44113, 44114, 44115, 44116, 44118, 44121, and parts of 44128.
Will we deliver to non-residences? Yup! Work downtown but live outside the delivery area? We'd be happy to deliver to your office. When you register for the site, you'll be asked where you'd like us to deliver to you - just enter that location (and don't worry: you can change this later...or even have multiple locations in your address book that you can choose from if that's your thing!).
What are the fees? We're working realllly hard to keep these reasonable. The delivery fee structure is currently: $7.95 for orders over $100, $8.95 for orders between $75-100, and $9.95 for orders less than $75. These fees are intended to cover the work to package the order and the fuel/labor cost of delivery itself. And as we get larger, we will be pushing to keep these as low as possible...we don't like fees either. In the meantime, we offer a few ways for you to reduce this fee. More below.
Is there an order minimum? Yes, in order to cover the cost to deliver your groceries, we'll need your order to be over $50 please.
When will we deliver? We will deliver between the hours of 1p-9p Tuesday-Saturday. When you check out on the site, you will be able to select from our 2 hour delivery windows (or Flexible Delivery - see below).
What is the order-to-delivery lead time? If you submit your order by noon today, we'll deliver to you tomorrow.
Do I need to be home? Nope. We offer unattended delivery, if you provide adequate storage for your goodies. This means you'll need a sufficiently sized cooler, cold packs, etc...and there will need to be a secure enough location so that your neighbor with the munchies doesn't decide to help him/herself. See the Terms/Conditions page on our site for more specifics on Unattended Delivery.
Am I guaranteed to get what I ordered? "Guaranteed" is a strong word! We will do everything we can to provide you the exact item you ordered. However, there will be times when our ability to source an item changes between when you place your order and when we deliver. In these cases, we're in a tight spot. In order to help us meet the intent of your order, you are able to select "Allow Substitutes" when you register. We highly recommend you select this - if you do, we will supply you with an item of equal or greater value in the off chance that this situation arises. If you don't, we won't be able to deliver anything to you for that particular selection (we won't charge you either, of course).
Where do we get our products and do we carry organics? We have an army of suppliers and partners that are standing ready to provide you with the highest quality product ... including lots of organic items! And hopefully you also saw the recent post on our Facebook page about a few of our local shop/market partners...if you don't know what this is, check out our Facebook page!
Now the really good stuff...

Cool gizmo #1 - Permanently Affixed Cart
As you shop, you will notice that your shopping cart is a pesky little thing that never leaves your side - the right side of your screen, that is. It follows you everywhere you go and updates real-time each time you add something to it. Why is this important? Because you can monitor how big your bill is getting in real-time...and before you check out! Whoops, did that last item just push you past your grocery budget for the week? No problem...just scroll through the cart on the right and either remove an item altogether or reduce quantity until your bill is back where you want it.

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Cool gizmo #2 - Tiered Pricing
Ever wish that you could be rewarded on the spot for purchasing more of an item than the next person? We hear you...and we'll grant that wish! When you're shopping on our site, look for the words "as low as $___" next to the listed price. This signals that this item is priced differently depending on the quantity purchased - if you purchase more, we'll be happy to share some of the quantity savings with you.

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Cool gizmo #3 - Delivery Options...& Discounts!
When you check out, the standard thing to do is select one of our 2 hour delivery windows for your delivery. That works great, and we'll be pleased to accomodate you that way. However, you have other options, and some come with a discount. For starters, if you know you will be available all day (between 1p-9p), select "Flexible Delivery". This means we can deliver when we are able, and in exchange we will discount your order $3! (Note - be thoughtful in selecting this, as there is a $10 no-show fee in the event that our driver cannot deliver your order). The second option is only available occasionally - keep an eye out for highlighted delivery windows on the schedule. Selecting these times, which change constantly based on scheduled deliveries, would discount your order $2!

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 There are a few other features that are worth mentioning, but we don't want to spoil it for you! Head over to the site to explore! (and we already have enhancements planned!)

 We are truly excited to finally be in business in Cleveland, and can't wait to be of service to you. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns by contacting us at support at prestofreshgrocery.com or on our Facebook page.

 PrestoFresh Grocery

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