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 Hello Eric,
I certainly agree with you. I am not questioning how money was spent. I am just saying that some people took advantage and didn't appreciate the opportunity for learning and leadership afforded to them.
I certainly can remember when our budget for the year was six thousand dollars. Dear Ruth Garwood was so trusting that she carried it in a suitcase.
That was scary! Due to the economy we have had to struggle lately. Maybe it is good that we all have to pitch in and do more fund-raising now.
It was so easy when we didn't have to work as hard at it. I would never have made a good Mendicant Sister. Those were the Religious Orders who begged to get the money they needed to run hospitals, orphanages, etc.
I am sure none of us like fund-raising (there are exceptions) but we all have to do it now.
We do not have the luxury of hoping money will just appear.
The NFBO Leadership has ne been the question. It's been a concern about people who do not follow through after getting Financial Assistance for any event.
I appreciate your leadership during this time Eric.
I think all three of our last Presidents have had some time when we struggled to fund our movement. Actually we could go back even further.
We even had a person in Toledo donate a house which we used for a home for the blind when that was commonplace. When that house was sold the money was put into a CD for later use.
It was used when our State Affiliate needed the money.
Colleen Roth

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> I want to add these comments to what JW has said. Whether we are talking
> about policy or financial issues  there are always those who believe they
> would have and  could have done it better. The "it" in question doesn't
> matter. When JW or Barbara made decisions about convention assistance they
> were always questioned by some one. When policy decisions were made they
> were also questioned.
> When we make the decision to serve in leadership in this organization or any
> other organization for that matter, we must come to expect a certain amount
> of criticism and second guessing. 
> What we can hope for is that the support we receive from the membership far
> out weighs the criticism  and second guessing. This has been my experience
> so far in the time I have served as President of the NFB of Ohio. During
> this time of year especially, I thank you for that support. 
> Barbara is the longest serving President in the history of this affiliate,
> and I believe it is safe that JW could have continued to serve as president
> for the foreseeable future had he chosen to do so. 
> It is much easier to lead 
> When the coffers  are full and there are few worries about how we will
> continue to operate as an organization.
> Although there are many members who do not remember such times, Barbara
> Pierce lead us through some very lean times in this affiliate. JW did this
> as well, because he had to begin thinking  about spending as if we had very
> little money. I am certainly getting my opportunity to lead us through some
> very scarce times. 
> I will continue  to lead with all of the wisdom, love, and strength  that I
> can bring to the office with which you have entrusted  me, and I will
> continue  to count on you for your love and support.
> A little disagreement among family members is healthy as long as it's done
> in a positive way. Remember above all we are a family. 
> Eric
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