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Merry Christmas to everyone,

Pasted below you will find the minutes and committee appointments from the
board meeting that was held on December 10. These are the minutes that will
be voted on during the January board meeting.




Minutes of the Board of Directors

National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

December 10, 2013


1. President Eric Duffy called the telephone conference meeting to order at
8:02 p.m. We used conference line number (605) 475-4875 access code 201909#.


2. Barb Fohl and Bruce Peters were the two board members not present. We had
guests who announced themselves. 


3. Eric appointed the committees and their chairs for fiscal year 2014. A
list of the appointments is attached to these minutes. 


4. Paul Dressell joined us briefly. He spoke to us about his stroke, which
occurred on November 11, 2013. He is recovering nicely. His biggest concerns
are his memory and the fact that he is reading Braille more slowly. It was
good to hear from Paul.  


5. Eric stated that we have money for the 2014 scholarship program. We are
expecting a $2,000 check from the Norwalk Lions Club. Sherry Ruth suggested
that we present one scholarship for $1,500 and two scholarships in the
amount of $1,000 each. Deborah Kendrick moved that the $1,500 scholarship be
given in memory of Jennica Ferguson and one of the $1,000 scholarships be
given in memory of Bob Eschbach. Crystal McClain seconded the motion. The
motion passed. 


6. Our last three conventions have been held at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in
Miamisburg. We are scheduled to be there for one more year but are not
obligated  to. We can be released from the contract without a financial
penalty. This year there were enough problems directly related to the hotel
that Eric has decided that we need to make a change quickly. He suggests we
bring the convention to Columbus for two years. He has gotten information on
two hotels, Holiday Inn Worthington and Ramada Inn Plaza. Both have the room
rates we'd like, meeting space, and banquet space needed. Holiday Inn has
given us a slightly better room rate for the two years: $76 in 2014 and $79
in 2015.  People were given an opportunity to express their opinions.
Deborah moved that the 2014 and 2015 conventions be held at the Holiday Inn
Worthington, allowing the board an opportunity to explore other location
options without making it a high priority since we need to focus on
important topics such as financing our affiliate and building membership.
Crystal seconded the motion, and it passed. Richard Payne and William Turner
voted against the motion. The dates have not been set but will be in early
November 2014.   


7. The January board of directors meeting will be on the 18th by telephone,
(605) 475-4875 access code 201909#. The meeting will start promptly at 10:00


8. We have reached our goal of $1,000 in sales of Malley's Chocolates. You
can still order online until December 15 at


9. Ohio has a group of eight people to attend the Washington Seminar in


10. Susan Day announced that on January 4, 2014, the Springfield chapter is
hosting a birthday party for Louis Braille. Everyone is invited. Within the
next few days Eric will be sending out a sample proclamation for Braille
Literacy Week, January 4 to 11. 


11. Constant Contact is a data base management system stored in the cloud.
This system is now handling circulation of the newsletter, and it enables us
to get certain reports. This is good because it does not have the risk of a
computer crash and the loss of information. It is also easier to maintain
the data. 


12. Barbara encouraged all members to call Vanda Pharmaceutical to request
information about non-24 hour sleep disorder. Vanda will give the NFB $24
per request. You need to state that you heard about them from the National
Federation of the Blind. This is an easy way to get money into the treasury.
Here is the information from Barbara-call 855-856-2424 and sign up to
receive the brochure that they want to send to you. The person who answers
the phone knows nothing about whether or not a caller qualifies for the
research. She just wants your contact information and will send the NFB $24.
It takes about two minutes, so please do it.


13. The meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Shelbi Hindel    



Committee Appointments 2014 


The first name listed for each committee has been appointed to chair that


Deaf-Blind Coordinators-Lisa Hall and Delcina Brown 


Awards Committee-

J.W. Smith, Paul Dressell, Cheryl Fields, Shelbi Hindel, Barbara Pierce, and
Kathy Withman 


Constitution Committee-Shelbi Hindel, Annette Anderson, and Colleen Roth 


Convention Arrangements-Karen Warner 


Education Committee-Debbie Baker, Mary Anne Denning, Kaiti Shelton, and
Suzanne Turner


Financing the Movement Committee-Sherry Ruth (treasurer), Annette Anderson
(SUN), Barb Fohl (PAC), and Barbara Pierce (Jernigan Fund)


Fundraising Committee-Eric Duffy, Richard Payne, Barb Fohl, Shelbi Hindel,
Sherry Ruth, Milena Zavoli, Aleeha Dudley, Susan Day, Emily Pennington,
Deanna Lewis, Bruce Peters, Annette Lutz, and  Colleen Roth     


Legislative Committee-Barbara Pierce, Debbie Baker, Susan Day, Sheri Albers,
Suzanne Turner, and Brian White 


Membership Committee-William H. Turner, Stephanie Claytor, Chennelle
Hancock, Richard Payne, Colleen Roth, and Beth Debus 


Promotion and Publicity Committee-Deborah Kendrick, Susan Day, Wilbert
Turner, and Barbara Pierce 


Resolutions ?Committee-Deborah Kendrick, Paul Dressell, Bruce Peters, and
Colleen Roth 


Scholarship Committee-Deborah Kendrick, Kaiti Shelton, Barbara Pierce, Bob
Pierce, and Kyle Conley 


Vehicle Donation Committee-Richard Payne, Tim Janning, Wilbert Turner, Kyle
Conley, and Aleeha Dudley 





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