[Ohio-talk] fyi

Eric Duffy eduffy at deltav.org
Wed Dec 18 02:15:13 UTC 2013


I remember sitting with  you at the chapter Christmas party last year and
having a pleasant conversation. One of the things that we discussed is that
you had been trying to get on this list for a while. I said that I would get
you on before the end of the weekend, and I did. I am glad I did. 

You should realize however, that I generally wait until I have been
contacted by others before bringing a thread to an end. 
Some times it is because we have said about all we can say on a particular
topic while other times it is because we are beginning to drift away from
relating the topic to blindness and the work of the NFB.

I don't enjoy this sort of discussion on this list, and I have tried to
respond in a way that is positive as often as possible. Often times I have
not responded on the list and tried to do it in other ways.

Richard says, " I named no names and lunched no personal attacks."

I invited everyone who receives the update to the meeting and that includes
you. I specifically said we would be discussing the 2014 convention.

In his post Richard said, "I think that the call last week was in part
designed to limit the input on some of the things we spoke about.  When the
information was put out, it made it seem that only the board would need to
be present and maybe this is why several members did not participate. " 

You participation in the last convention is a good example of how the
process can work when we all work together and participate in meetings. It
was the Cleveland chapter who asked that we waive registration for first
time convention attendees, and we did that. Again let me say that this
request was handled at a meeting of the board.

There are many factors that are considered when decisions are made. There
are different styles of leadership at every level.

Yes We are a family and I want us to relate in that way, and I look forward
to continuing to work with you and the rest of our family members in the
year to come.


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