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I think  this is great  when I went blind  I thought I was  the only one in
the world blind  but a few  I have never ment a  blind person before  then I
talked too Barbara Pierce  a nurse found out about her through searching for
things for me  then  it happened I met  all of you  the N F B  and Colleene
Roth  so I understand  that it is important  to get the N F B message  out
there  I will pray  for this family and the other one Dawn

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I am posting this on Ohio talk as an effort to reach out to people in the
Miami Valley chapter area and Elyria area.  I have had no success getting
individual responses from folks this week, so I am trying everyway possible
to get in contact with these areas. Two mom's called me this week who had no
idea that the parents division existed or that there were blind people in
Ohio who gathered together for regular meetings and events.  The first
family has a 16 yr old son, Dalton in Camden, OH, near Dayton,  who has
progressively lost vision from several hereditary eye conditions.  No cane,
no Braille and is repeating the 9th grade, now as a homeschooler, due to
lack of cooperation and resources in the local district. His mom did not ASK
for anything except to learn what she can do to help her son become more
independent and learn how to follow his dreams, as a blind person.  He used
to love reading, despite his extremely thick glasses, but now, even with
CCTV and magnification, he just cannot do it.  He faces fatigue, headaches
and cannot process what it takes so long to read.  His mom has been reading
to him for this reason.  His eye Dr at Dayton Children's told them this week
that he needed a child  advocate, which is what led her to call Baltimore
and ask for help and led to Ohio POBC and NFB.
After speaking with her for almost 2 hours, sending a long email with links,
some specific to do tasks and mailing her information, she let me know she
had registered for convention!  There are 5 of them coming and  they are so
excited to find us.  Thank you Richard for calling me about this family so
late in the evening! The second family has a son, Dorian, who is 5 yrs old
and in 3rd year of pre-school.  He is doing pre-Braille skills and learning
pre- cane skills.  She found the parents  through Facebook and again, had no
idea we all existed as a group  She cannot come to convention as it is her
son's birthday celebration, but again, wants to be involved on a local level
to learn more about helping her son and participating with other blind
persons. I hope we will all take any opportunity we are given, to welcome
new families into our local chapters for meetings and activities, as these
are what will motivate those folks to stick around and their children to
stick around as adults.   They can meet successful, active, blind adults who
can serve as mentors, role models, mobility instructors and perhaps Braille
instructors, as well.   Anyone in the Miami Valley or Elyria areas who would
like more information, if you were not one of the recipients of my original
email regarding these families, please let me know.  I think any support or
friendship we can offer these families, will only be an additional benefit
to the resources we can all provide.
Thank you, my speech is done.
Carol Akers
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