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A workmate got a pump recently with a meter made by Bayer.  He has had no
end of trouble with the meter and is seriously considering of disposing of
both the meter and the pump and going back to his old system.  One thing I
pointed out to him is I live less than a mile from a Military Flight Path
and he is probably in that approximate distance from it too.  There's pretty
strange signals that get generated from their electronics regularly.  I
remember a Juliet Brailler that would have to be reconfigured everytime it
was turned on since the electronics sent out signals that messed up the
configuration in the volatile ram.  Yesterday, I got a tech refresh at work
and had it working with my noise cancelling headphones on and the speech
suddenly went very garbled three times that day for a short period of time
then straightened out.  Now, the Bayer Meter talks to the pump wirelessly,
so I pointed out to Dave that electronic signals may very well be messing
with his medical equipment just due to the proximity of where he lives and
works.  I figured to write this message to this list just in case any who
have trouble with their pumps and meters may be in or near similar areas.
If there were a piece of electronics that could beep when electronic signals
especially on strange frequencies or of an otherwise strange nature were in
people's proximities and stop beeping when those signals went off, it might
be possible to time certain things so our equipment and those strange
signals do not clash at least some of the time.

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