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I'm forwarding this post below due to the 
need/request for a possible temporary roommate in 
the Cincinnati region. I know we've got great 
people there, so am passing this along with the 
hope that all will benefit.


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I am looking for a used, in good condition, 
portable electric typewriter that uses cartridge 
type ribbons that you just slide in. If anyone out 
there has one to sell, please let me know at the 
below e-mail address.

Also, A female friend of mine who is 55-years-old 
needs to find a female to stay with in Cincinnati, 
while she is waiting to be approved for an 
apartment there. She wishes to stay with a blind 
or visually impaired female, who can help her 
become familiarized with the blindness agencies 
and organizations there in Cincinnati. She is not 
a smoker, does not drink alcohol, does not party 
and says she lives pretty low key. While she is 
staying with anyone she would be glad to help out 
with cooking and cleaning and would pay rent and 
part of utilities. If you could possibly help her 
out, or know someone who might be able to help her 
out from the Cincinnati area, or if you have a 
typewriter to sell to me, please contact me at the 
below e-mail address.
Bev77 at mediacombb.net
You can also leave me a voice mail message in my 
Philmore mail box, which is:

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