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Thank you very much.  I really appreciate it.

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At last here is the convention agenda.For those of you who have seen a
draft, I have made changes as of 5:00.  Wanda please note that DAN is
mentioned along with the other divisions. I will still be working with
layout issues in order to get ready to go to print and for Braille
Production, but everyone can see the content.


I have attached and pasted below.




67th Annual Convention

National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

November 1 to November 3, 2013


Wyndham Garden Dayton South Hotel

31 Prestige Plaza Drive

Miamisburg, Ohio 45342



Dedication: This convention is dedicated to the memory of Robert (Bob)
Eschbach and to his lifetime of tireless work on behalf of the blind of Ohio
and the nation and to his wife Patricia (Pat), who was his constant
companion and helpmate and still our colleague in the movement and our
beloved friend. 


The NFB of Ohio would like to thank Karen Warner and her friends.





About the NFB of Ohio............Page 2

Navigating the Wyndham Garden Hotel...Page 2

Convention Arrangements and Registration.Page 4

Friday, November 1..............Page 5

Saturday, November 2............Page 7

Sunday, November 3..............Page 10

2013 Board of Directors............Page 11












I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of
the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to
support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its




The National Federation of the Blind of Ohio is a statewide organization
composed primarily of blind Ohioans. It is the state affiliate of the
National Federation of the Blind, Inc., a national-membership organization
which holds nonprofit tax-exempt status under Section 501(c) 3 of the
Internal Revenue Code. It is not an organization speaking for the blind; it
is the blind speaking for themselves.

We know that blind people have very often lived tragic lives, and we know
that even now blindness can be defeating. But we also know why.  Not
blindness, but society's devastating attitude about it constitutes our
burden. We, the blind of today, have carried out a revolution and have won
our independence. We have written our own philosophy, we have found our own
direction, and we have learned to speak with our own voice-the National
Federation of the Blind. We have taken our future into our own hands, and we
are changing what it means to be blind. We now imagine a future full of
opportunity, and as the voice of the nation's blind we invite you to help us
make it a reality.



Navigating the Wyndham Garden Dayton South Hotel

by Barbara Pierce

The first thing you need to keep in mind about the Wyndham Garden is that it
is a holodome property. That is, its central architectural feature is an
atrium with recreational facilities: pool, hot tubs, pool table, and a game
room. The guest rooms on all three floors circle this atrium. The rooms on
the inside of the circle have sliding glass doors that overlook the pool and
room doors on the opposite wall that give access to the corridors that in
turn give access to the outside and lead to the public rooms of the hotel.
You cannot lock the glass sliding doors from outside the room, so you should
not leave your room that way unless someone can lock the door from the
inside after you leave.

The main entrance of the hotel is on its east wall, toward the north end.
You pass through two sets of doors to reach the lobby. Just inside the inner
doors of this main entrance, on both the left and right side, are small
board-type meeting rooms, and the front desk is on the west wall of the
lobby, not far in front of you. If you turn right (north) at the desk, you
can turn left (west) at the north end of the desk and walk toward the
ballroom, which runs north/south along the west side of the hotel. A foyer
along the length of the ballroom gives access to the various sections of the
ballroom on the west side of the foyer. If, instead of walking south along
the ballroom, you turn first right and then left, you will find the
restaurant and bar at the northwest corner of the building.

To reach the guest rooms, return to the front desk and turn left so that you
are walking south toward the atrium. On the right you will pass an archway
that gives access to the ballroom foyer about halfway down its length.
Continuing south along the carpeted corridor, you will find sectional
seating in the middle of the hall at a point when the space opens into an
art gallery. At the south end of this central seating you can angle east or
west to find corridors giving access to wooden room doors, which have raised
and Braille room numbers as required by the ADA. 

If you choose to go straight south instead of angling, you will reach the
northernmost of the two elevators. Turning left or right at the elevator
will take you straight east or west to doors giving access to stairwells.
The one on the east side is door 1, and the one on the west end is door 4.
At the ground-floor level these stairwells, as well as doors 2 and 3 at the
far ends of the corridors, each contain a door to the outside, a door to the
atrium, the door you just walked through, and a door to the connecting
guest-room corridor. The stairs to the upper floors are also in this
uncarpeted area. By the way, your room key will open the outside doors,
which are kept locked. You will find the box for inserting the key card to
the right of the door on the outside. The grassy dog relief area is just
outside door 4. A trash receptacle will be available outside that door.

To grasp the guest-room layout, think of the hotel as an arrow with the
corridor leading from the front desk to the elevator already mentioned as
the shaft of the arrow. The arrowhead is the guest-room area with the pool
atrium in the center of the arrowhead. Parallel corridors make a circuit
around the arrowhead with a flattened tip, that is, not coming to a point.
The south elevator actually faces south and is located at the extreme
southern end of the hotel. The innermost of the parallel corridors circles
the atrium with a chest-high wall separating the hallway from the drop to
the atrium. The outside wall of this corridor contains the glass sliding
doors to the rooms. Most of the ground-floor rooms are located only on the
outside wall of the hotel, though near the northern elevator the
wheelchair-accessible rooms are located on both sides of the outer hallway. 

If you take the time to study this description, it should give you a place
to begin learning the layout of the convention hotel. 




If you have any questions about convention arrangements, contact Karen
Warner, chair of the convention committee.


Registration and Literature


            NFB literature will be available during registration hours in
the Chandelier Area Friday, November 1, between 12:00 and 1:20 and 6:00 to
7:20 pm and Saturday, November 2nd, between 8:30 and 9:00 am


Door Prizes


            Door prizes should be labeled clearly in print and Braille with
the donor's name and the amount of cash or type of gift. Paul Dressell is in
charge of door prizes. They may be brought to him directly or left in
Convention Registration.


Guide Dogs


If you have a problem with your dog or need advice or assistance, contact
Deanna Lewis (513-328-7976), president of our guide dog division, or Debbie
Baker (937-206-2935). The relief area is located outside of door 4. A trash
receptacle will be outside the door for your convenience.




11:00-12:00 noon            Board Meeting



12:00-1:20 PM                  Convention Registration

Chandelier Area 


1:30 PM                                Call to Order of General Session and
Opening Remarks 

                                                Eric Duffy, President

                                                Plaza D


1:35 PM                                Welcome to Dayton

                                                Richard Payne, President,
Miami Valley Chapter


1:45 PM                                Convention Arrangements

                                                Karen Warner 


1:50 PM                                Roll Call of Chapters

                                                Shelbi Hindel, Secretary


2:00 PM                                A New Name, a Stronger Partnership:
Opportunities for Ohioans With Disabilities and Bureau of Services for the
Visually Impaired  

                                                Mindy Duncan, Director
Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired, Columbus     


2:30 PM                                National Report 

                                                The Rev. Sam Gleese,
National Representative, Jackson, Mississippi 


2:50 PM                                Reading of proposed amendments to the
constitution, Shelbi Hindel and Eric Duffy 


3:10 PM                                Working Together For Positive Change
Michael Kirkman, Executive Director, Disability Rights Ohio 


3:30 PM                                Changing What It Means to Be
Deafblind in Ohio, Jennifer Smith-Dudash, Columbus, and others             


4:00 PM                                The Business Enterprise Program in
Ohio, The Past, the Present, and the Future Annette Lutz, President, Ohio
Association of Blind Merchants; Karen Whalen, Former BE Program Manager, BE


4:30 PM                                Reports and Resolutions


6:00-7:20 PM                      Convention Registration

                                                Chandelier Area


7:00-8:00 PM                      At-Large Chapter Meeting

                                                Colleen Roth, President

                                                Directors Room


7:00-8:30 PM                      Ohio Association of Blind Merchants

                                                Annette Lutz, President

Gallery East


7:30-8:30 PM                      Resolutions Committee Meeting

                                                Deborah Kendrick, Chair

Directors Room


8:30 PM                                Nominating Committee Meeting

                                                Sherry Ruth, Chair

                                                Directors Room


9:30-10:15 PM                   Radio Play Performance: Not the Royal
Shakespeare Company Presents "The Hot Hundred Grand Caper," a Radio Play,
admission $5, sponsored by Ohio NAPUB

                                                Plaza D

10:00 PM.                            Hospitality

                                                Gallery Room




7:00-8:00 AM                     Diabetes Action Network of Ohio (DAN)

                                                Wanda Sloan, President  

Garden Grill


7:30-8:45 AM                     National Association to Promote the Use of
Braille (NAPUB) 

Continental Breakfast Meeting

                                                Barbara Pierce, President

Plaza C


8:30-9:00 AM                     Convention Registration

                                                Chandelier Area 


9:00 AM                                Call to Order of General Session 

Eric Duffy, President 

Plaza D


9:05 AM                                Why I Am a Federationist

                                                Katie Shelton 


9:20 AM                                Building the Federation  

                                                William H. Turner, Chairman
Membership Committee  


10:05 AM                             Report from the Talking Book Library

            Tracy Grimm, Ohio Library for the 

            Blind and Physically Disabled     


10:30 AM                             Bringing the World to Your Home Through
Student Exchange Programs: Blind People Can Do It Too  

                                    Mary Anne Denning, teacher of the blind,


10:45 AM                             Domestic Abuse and The Blind

                                                Cheryl Fields 


11:00 AM                             Going to College Blind, Past and
Present: What We've Gained and What We've Lost

Deborah Kendrick, freelance writer, Cincinnati; Emily Pennington, sophomore,
Xavier University, Cincinnati; Aleeha Dudley, Junior, Miami University of
Ohio, Oxford Ohio; Amy Neidhard-Doll, PhD, PE Director, Rehabilitation
Engineering and Technology Program, Wright State Research Institute


12:00 PM                                          Recess 

                                                (Those who have ordered
boxed lunches can pick them up in the Chandelier Area.

                                                                Only those
with tickets will be served.)


12:15 PM                             Parents of Blind Children Division

Meeting, Carol Akers and Cindy Conley Co-Presidents

                                                Plaza C


12:15 PM                             Ohio Organization of the Senior Blind

                                                Barbara Fohl, President



12:15 PM                             Student Division Pizza Party

                                                Aleeha Dudley, President

                                                Patterson Room


12:15 PM                             Domestic Abuse and the Blind, Cheryl
Fields Octagon South


12:15 PM                             Ohio Association of Guide Dog Users

                                                Deanna Lewis, President

                                                Directors Room


2:00 PM:                               Call to Order of General Session 

Eric Duffy, President 

Plaza D


2:05 PM                                New Tools for the Classroom and
Social Networking Marc Salaman GW Micro 


2:45 PM                                The Ohio Developmental Disabilities
Council, Its Mission and Purpose: Are the Blind Included? 

                                                Carolyn Knight, Executive
Director, Columbus


3:00 PM                                Access To the Printed Word 

                                                Deborah Kendrick and Eric

                                                Radio Reading Services in

                                                Sandy Turner, Director Voice
Corps, Columbus


3:35 PM:                               You Can Ring My BELL 


4:05 PM                                The Lions and the Organized Blind of
Ohio: Building Better Relationships 

                                                Jim Downing


4:20 PM                                Report from the Clovernook Center for
the Blind 

                                                Robin Usalis, Executive
Director, Cincinnati


4:40 PM                                Report from the Cincinnati
Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired 

                                                John Mitchell, Executive
Director, Cincinnati


5:00 PM                                Recess                  


6:00 PM                                Annual Banquet

                                                Shelbi Hindel, Mistress of

                                                Plaza BC

                                                Banquet Address

                                    The Rev. Sam Gleese, NFB National

Affiliate Awards and Scholarship Awards

                                                Money for the Movement 


9:00 PM                                Post-Banquet Party until 1:00 AM

                                                Games, Plaza A

                                                Music, and Karaoke, Garden




7:30 AM                                First-Time Convention Attendees
Breakfast with the President 

                                                Garden Grill


9:00 AM                                Call to Order of the General Session

                                                Plaza BC


9:05 AM                                Memorial Service

                                                Eric Duffy and Paul Dressell


9:20 AM                               A New Way To Vote Could It Be in Our

Yung Nguyen, President, IVS, LLC


9:50 AM                                Federation History in Song 

                                                Paul Dressell and Barbara


10:10 AM                             What Should We Expect from the Bureau
of Services for the Visually Impaired: Planning for the Future 

                                                Eric Duffy and Deborah


10:20 AM                             NFB Philosophy Audience Discussion

                                                Barbara Pierce and the Rev.
Sam Gleese


10:50 AM                             Second Reading of Proposed Amendments
to the Constitution and Vote


11:00 AM                             Treasurer's Report 

                                                Sherry Ruth


11:10 AM                             Report of the Nominating Committee

                                                Sherry Ruth, Chair


11:20 AM                             Affiliate Elections


11:40 AM                             Closing Remarks by Eric Duffy


Noon                                      Adjournment












President: Eric Duffy, (614) 377-9877 (c), (614) 935-6965 (h)

P.O. Box 82055, Columbus, Ohio 43202-0458

eduffy at pobox.com


First Vice President: Richard Payne, (937) 829-3368 (c)

1019 Wilmington Ave., Apt. 43, Kettering OH 45420

rchpay7 at sbcglobal.net


Second Vice President: Barbara Fohl, (440) 964-7824 (h)

1116 Thayer Ave., Ashtabula, OH  44004

barbfohl at pobox.com


Secretary: Shelbi Hindel, (614) 558-8059 (c)

185 Crestview Road, Columbus, OH 43202

Shelbiah1 at gmail.com


Treasurer: Sherry Ruth, (440) 324-4218 (h)

6922 Murray Ridge Rd., Elyria, OH  44035

babyruth2 at windstream.net




Board Members at Large




Sheri Albers, (513) 886-8697 (c)

9824 Dartmouth Way, Loveland, OH 45140

salbers1 at cinci.rr.com


Debbie Baker, (937) 206-2935 (c) or (937) 471-5193 (h)

1107 Burt St., Springfield, OH  45505

lahm at pobox.com


Susan Day, (937) 221-8250 (h) or (937) 503-3202 (c)

27 Council Court, Unit C, Springfield, OH 45504

Greymaster95 at gmail.com


Deborah Kendrick, (513) 321-2228 (h) or (513) 673-4474 (c)

2848 Ridgewood Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45213-1062

dkkendrick at earthlink.net


Barbara Pierce, (440) 774-8077 

237 Oak Street, Oberlin, Ohio 44074 

bpierce at oberlin.net


William Turner, (216) 355-4577

1064 E. 167th St., Cleveland OH 44110-1523

william.h.turner at ssa.gov




Bruce Peters, (330) 780-5827 (c)

1670 Liberty Dr., Akron, OH  44313


Crystal McClain, (937) 935-6188 (c)

416 North Main St., Bellefontaine, OH  43311

mcmcclain at columbus.rr.com






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