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Carollllyn Peteers has asked me to add her name to the new members breakfast
for Sunday morning.

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National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

Buckeye Update, October 25, 2013


            One week from today we will be gathering in Miamisburg for the
state convention. I understand there is still room in the Inn. Please
contact the hotel immediately if you need a room.  

            Online registration is going well.   I urge you to register
online if at all possible. It will make things easier for all of us. The
link to our registration page on eventbrite.com is on our Website. Cindy
Conley will be in charge of registration during convention. 

            There will be a special breakfast for first time convention
attendees this year. The breakfast will be in the Garden Grill at 7:30 Am on
Sunday. Everyone is responsible for the cost of his or her own meal. If this
is your first convention and a Sunday morning breakfast is not in your
budget, but you would still like to attend, talk to your chapter or division
president. I need a count of how many will attend by the close of the Board
meeting on Friday. Please don't wait until then to give me your name. Email
or call me as soon as possible. 

            Yesterday was the deadline for presidents to have corrected
membership lists, dues, and reports in without having to pay a late fine. We
have done pretty well this year. There is one chapter and perhaps one
division that are subject to a fine. If things have not been turned in and
the fines have not been paid by the convention your members will not be
eligible to vote.

            If you have an outstanding pledge from last convention, please
get that money to Sherry as soon as possible. If you have questions about
your pledge, please contact Sherry.

            Here is my reminder about door prizes.  Prizes should have a
value of at least $10.00. Paul Dressell is once again in charge of door
prizes. Prizes may be sent to him or given to him at the convention. 

            Paul is also in charge of gathering names for the memorial
service. Please make sure he knows who has passed away since our last
convention.  pmd at pobox.com


            This convention may well become known as the chocolate
convention. At its September meeting the Board voted to sell Malley's
Chocolate to raise money for the affiliate. We are going to talk about that
a lot at this convention. The Capital Chapter will be selling M & M's, and
who knows what others will be selling.  

            Cheryl Fischer and the Cuyahoga chapter have been working hard
to promote our Malley's Chocolate sale. I will include more information
about this at the end of this update.

            Shelbi has sent the September Board Meeting Minutes to the Board
and to the Ohio-Talk List. I will include them here.

            I remind you that Barbara Pierce will start working on the
convention issue of the newsletter immediately after the convention. Please
get articles and information to her as soon as possible. Chapters and
divisions have had, (or soon will have), elections. We need to have those
results quickly.  This is our organization and our newsletter. Let's all do
what we can to make it better.

            I am looking forward to a great convention. I will see you in

September 21, 2013

Minutes, Board Meeting

National Federation of the Blind of Ohio


1. President Eric Duffy called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. We met in
the fellowship hall of North Community Lutheran Church, 114 Morse Road,
Columbus, Ohio 43214.  


2. Roll call of the board was done, asking people to state whether or not
they were clad with NFB insignia. Bruce Peters was the only board member
absent.  Audience introductions were made with the same insignia request.
Those not clad paid $1. 


3. Richard Payne moved that the April board meeting minutes be approved.
Sherry Ruth seconded the motion. It passed. 


4. Sherry gave the treasurer's report. Barbara Pierce moved the acceptance
of the report. The second was given by Debbie Baker. Several questions were
asked which Sherry answered.  The motion passed. 


5. We had a guest speaker, Terry Powers of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.
He has been working with Debbie and has taken an interest in NFB,
particularly BELL. He gave a $100 contribution to help sponsor this meeting.
Terry gave a presentation, after which there was a time for questions,
answers, and other discussion. Within Thrivent there are three ways for
people to invest. These are 1. Life insurance, 2. Health insurance, and 3.
Annuities. There are no minimum investment requirements. There is a process
for being on their list of beneficiaries, and Terry will assist in this
process should the organization wish. Sherry moved that we move forward with
the approval process for getting on the Thrivent list. Debbie seconded the
motion. As part of a wide-ranging discussion, Cheryl Fields requested to go
on record as opposing the motion because of not wishing to put pressure of
friends or family to take part in an overtly Christian fundraising program.
The motion passed with Richard voting against and Susan Day abstaining. 



6. We discussed the setup of a room for board meetings. Richard has stated
that he doesn't think there should be a separate table for the board members
because this makes members of the audience feel that they are not welcome to
speak. Crystal McClain said that maybe at least the officers should be at a
head table. Barbara pointed out that it is important to remind people who
has a vote and who does not. As long as people with hearing problems can
hear the discussion, it is better to keep the distinction.


7. Today we have a fundraiser at Bob Evans in Graceland. It is Dine to
Donate. We will receive 15 percent of sales from those turning in a flier
with their checks. If the total sales are less than $250, NFB-O will receive
gift cards, and over that amount Bob Evans will write a check. October 12th
will be another day for this event. This project can be used across the
state, but it must be set up with individual restaurants. The manager will
either help or direct you to the proper person at the corporate office. The
state affiliate is setup within the Bob Evans system with a W9. Interest was
expressed in doing a dine to donate on Friday evening of the state
convention. The Springfield chapter will look into arranging this.  


8. Malley's Chocolates has a fundraising project that has been brought to
the attention of the fundraising committee. This company will help us set up
a website from which people can make purchases. When sales are made from
this website, buyers will know that the proceeds benefit NFB-O. If a person
spends less than $60, there is a charge for shipping. If our sales are over
$1,000, we will receive 33 percent. Brochures are available. This fundraiser
does not have an advance purchase for the NFB-O to make. This would be a
Christmas and Easter seasons project. Malley's has a separate fundraising
opportunity option, candy bars. We would need to get more information on
this. Richard moved that we sell the seasonal chocolates. Deborah Kendrick
seconded the motion, and  it carried. A link for the candy options will be
placed on our webpage. 


9. The scholarship committee was chaired by Barbara. She reports that this
was a fantastic class. We have three scholarship winners. The recipients are
Sheri Albers, who is an active member of our board of directors, attends the
University of Cincinnati Clermont College, and will be graduating with a
degree in Addictions Counseling; Emily Pennington, who is an accounting
major at Xavier and won a national scholarship in 2012;  and Samantha
Stoner, who is going into counseling and attends Otterbein. This year's
scholarships have been made possible by members of the Springfield chapter.
After these are given, we will need to do significant work for their
funding, or we will not be able to have a scholarship class next year.
Barbara moved that we give one of the $1,000 scholarships in the name of
Robert M. Eschbach to commemorate his love and work for the Federation.
Deborah seconded this motion, and it passed. 


10. Saturday morning at the convention there will be a presentation from the
membership committee. This will be 45 minutes long. A panel will lead a
lively discussion. There may be a cash prize. This will be positive
agitation and bribery for the audience. 


11. Three chapters are inactive: Muskingum County, Ohio River Valley, and
Southeast. The charters for these chapters should be lifted. If there is
significant interest, at a later time a chapter can be reestablished in any
of these areas. Richard moved that this action be taken, and we no longer
acknowledge these chapters. Barbara seconded this motion, and it passed. 


12. The At-Large Chapter has telephone meetings on the fourth Sunday of each
month at 7:30 p.m. Members of the board should participate in these calls as
often as possible. This chapter needs our support and encouragement. Contact
Colleen Roth, president, for further information. 


13. Barbara gave the report from the legislative committee. Ohio was well
represented in the eReader letter-writing campaign. We had seven letters
written out of a total of 125 sent. Now we need to have letters written to
Portman encouraging him to get on the Space Available bill. Brown is a co
sponsor. Barbara is willing to assist with letters anyone who asks. It is a
good idea to send an email to the staffer first, wait a few days, and then
follow up with a phone call. 


14. Richard is the chair of the Vehicle Donation Committee in Ohio. Tim
Janning and Suzanne Turner also serve on this committee. They have been
working hard, and the committee would like to have a vehicle donation from
Ohio by the end of the year. The national office has a variety of
promotional materials available for the vehicle donation program.  Heritage
for the Blind is a negative group that is out there asking for vehicle
donations. They do not actually help blind people in general. If you hear an
advertisement for Heritage, you should call the station and politely inform
them of the negative actions of that group. 


15. CONVENTION:  Our state convention will start on Friday, November 1, with
a board meeting at 11:00 a.m. It will end on Sunday, November 3, at 12:00
noon. The first general session will start at 1:30 Friday afternoon. There
will be a full evening of events. Saturday morning there will be a couple of
breakfast meetings, and general session will start at 9:00 a.m. We will have
a two-hour lunch break, during which several working meetings will take
place. Saturday afternoon another general session will take place. Saturday
evening is our banquet, starting at 6:00 p.m. After this is the game room
and karaoke for those who love to sing along. Sunday morning will be the
last general session. It will start at 9:00 a.m. Eric commented that we need
to put together a solid agenda because  this is our opportunity to showcase
our organization to elected officials, agency staff, the public, and each
other. We need to talk and learn about issues that are important to blind
people. This is why some items (like the RSC director  and the Talking Book
Library) are repeated year after year. This year the time for discussion
with RSC will be extended, and people should be prepared to ask tough


16. Cheryl Fields gave a presentation on domestic violence. At the
convention there will be a table for literature on this topic, a room for
interested people to meet in during the Saturday lunch break, and a
fifteen-minute presentation during  the general session. Cheryl is to be
responsible for arranging this presentation, the literature table, and
making sure that  the meeting room is staffed during the lunch break.  


17. The proposed amendments to our constitution will be read Friday
afternoon and again Saturday, at which time they will be voted upon.     


18. The block of hotel rooms is being held until October 11th. Make your
reservations before that date. Board members make your own reservations this
year. The rate is $75 per night plus taxes. If you have a hardship, you must
speak with Eric. 


19. Today is the deadline for all reports and award nominations to the
committee. These should be sent by email to Shelbi or to the P.O. box. Paul
Dressell is the chair of the awards committee. He reported that the
committee would give certificates for all awards unless a Gavel Award was
presented for the third time, in which case a plaque and gavel would be
presented to the recipient. Membership dues must be to Sherry by October
24th. These are $10 flat fee plus $1 per member. A $25 late fee will be
levied. If this is not paid by the start of convention, members will not be
able to vote. Corrected membership lists are due to Eric by October 24th.  


20. Deborah is the chair of the resolutions committee. The policy states
that, if you want to submit a resolution for consideration at the
convention, it must be gotten to the chair of the committee or the president
one week prior to the convention. We must have time to determine that the
stand we are taking is correct and that we have all the information needed.
If the resolution is not turned in one week prior to convention, there is
still a means by which it can be brought before the convention.  It must be
supported by three chapter presidents and reviewed by the committee, and, if
it is approved by the committee, it will be presented to the convention. 


21. The Summer-Fall newsletter is out. It is available by email, on the
website, and on NEWSLINER.  The next newsletter will be edited and
circulated shortly after the convention because it is important for people
to know in a timely manner what occurs at the convention. 


22. This year you can register for the convention in two ways. The
traditional paper method is available. There is also an online option for
registration through eventbrite.com. If you choose this online method, you
can pay for and print out all your tickets. The company will send us a check
when the registration closes. This year there is no fee for our people to
use eventbrite. William Turner made a plea for first-time attendees to have
their registration cost waived, so Eric decided that the convention
registration fee will be waived for first-time convention attendees with a
chapter president's verification. 


23. The Toledo Blade is on NEWSLINE again until June 30, 2014. After that
date we will need more funding, which we must find. RSC will not pay for
this newspaper. 


24. The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,

Shelbi Hindel  




the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio is conducting a fundraising
activity with Malley's Chocolates of Cleveland, Ohio.


A website has been setup specifically for the National Federation of the
Blind of Ohio fundraising campaign. All purchases made on that site will
directly benefit the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio. To connect to
this site, please visit


Thank you very much,

Eric Duffy, President National Federation of the Blind of Ohio 





Our mailing address is: 

13400 Brookpark Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44135 

Contact us by phone: 1-800-275-6255

Fax: 1-800-211-0567 


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