[Ohio-talk] British Invation fund raiser conference call

Eric Duffy peduffy63 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 01:13:08 UTC 2014

On Thursday evening September 28, we will have a conference call to discuss the Friday evening events at the convention. The focus will be of course our plans with the John Schwab band and Art Schreiber.

If this is going to be a successful fund raiser for us, we must all be involved. We must work with a common goal and a common understanding. We must build that together. 

Who’s invited everyone who wants to help make this a success. Come and join us. I am sincere when I say everyone who wants to help us make this a successful event. Presidents and board members, please make a special effort to be there. This is the first of many calls we will have on this topic.

Please call (605) 475-4875. Use access code 201909 followed by the pound sign.



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