[Ohio-talk] Clarifications needed

Carol Akers purplecakers at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 01:28:57 UTC 2014

I posted a comment about needing clarifications on some items in the Corporate sponsor information and decided the best way to get a response for my questions, must be to post it here.  In reading this several times, I noticed a couple things that may come up as questions from potential donors or sponsors

 The things that came to my attention as I read it were: 

1.    There is a list of sponsor levels and at the end there is one titled  a Friend of blind level for $25 to $499, which may be the level a lot of smaller businesses or individuals could afford or would be willing to do.  Under that specific level it says they will have their name in the program, but reading further indicates that only Bronze and above would be in the program and all formats including Braille.  So it would appear that  folks sponsoring up to $499 would then NOT be listed. 

2.  The second thing was the listing for convention starting on Friday with ending Sunday at noon.  When does it start on Friday?  
These details are important to know and clarify to save the trouble of explaining each time someone we approach asks us.  
I did not want to put this out on the list as it has the potential to create a lot of drama, but I guess that this is how to get the clarification.
Thank You

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