[Ohio-talk] some questions about voc rehab

Lillie Pennington lilliepennington at fuse.net
Tue Dec 9 02:17:01 UTC 2014

Hello All, 


I figured this was the best place to ask these questions since I am dealing
with the state of Ohio's rehab services. 


A couple of friends (not from Ohio) and I are planning to go to the Blind
Inc. PREP program this summer. I will need rehab's help funding the program.
I have heard that Ohio does not fund out-of-state training. Is this true? I
have several documents provided by Blind Inc. detailing my right to out of
state training. Can I use these? 

While I will probably be able to convince my counselor that I need the
training, I am pretty sure (although not certain) that there is another
thing he has to put my request through so that my funding to be approved. If
these people say no, is there some way I can work to appeal this decision? 

I will be hopefully meeting with my counselor next week so that if there are
problems we can get them figured out before the summer. 


If the state pays for this training, will this have any effect on my college
tuition help from them? 


Also while on the subject of college, will Ohio rehab finance a college that
is out of state? I am seriously considering a couple schools in Kentucky.
Would they pay me the same amount that they would pay me if I were to attend
a college in Ohio? 


Thank you for any help. 

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