[Ohio-talk] presentation idea

Kelsey Nicolay piano.girl0299 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 23:57:52 UTC 2014

A former college professor and I are writing a book chapter 
together about our experiences in the classroom.  We would like 
to do a presentation about our chapter somewhere in Ohio in 2015.  
I'm from Medina and she's from Ashland, so it would need to be 
within reasonable driving distance for both of us.  Does anyone 
have any suggestions on where we could do this sort of 
presentation? We want to do this to educate others about teaching 
blind students.  If you know of an event where this sort of 
presentation would be appropriate, if you could provide a contact 
phone number, email address, or both, that would be really 
Thank you,
Kelsey Nicolay

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