[Ohio-talk] Update

Suzanne Turner smturner.234 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 02:48:57 UTC 2014

A Belated Merry Christmas to all!


I wanted to provide updates!


First, I visited William on Christmas Eve.  He was having a great day.  He
received the best gift since his illness.  He is walking on both legs with
the assistance of a walker: up and down the halls on a daily basis.
However, that is not the best news.  He actually stood with no assistance.
He released the walker and balanced accomplishing the next phase of his
therapy.  So continue to pray and send up good wishes for him.


Secondly, I finally landed a job.  It is a position that I never thought I
would do or accept.  However, after I tell you the story, you will see why I
welcomed the opportunity.


I interviewed for positions in my field all around Cleveland.  I turned down
some, due to them not being part-time.  I refused interviews, because they
would take me into homes or homeless shelters.  I was turned down for two
that I interviewed for, after requesting to work fewer hours.  But, one day
I became frustrated and applied to a Call Center.  I thought to myself,
surely I can do this.  After all my first professional job was the Social
Security Call Center.  Plus, I am just looking for something to do to earn
extra money.


The Call Center called me three weeks ago for an interview.  I forgot that I
applied.  After all I completed the application in September.  For all of
you who know me, Benefits are my expertise.  What in the world could this
company do for my career path?  So, before going to any interview, I always
research the company.  As I was doing this, I received a revelation.  The
company is the Marriot International.  To my surprise, they have a
Foundation for persons with disabilities.  Some of you may know this, but I
did not.  They also work with a population near and dear to my heart: the
transitional youth moving them from high-school into successful employment.
They have several Agencies around Ohio, but none in our great State.
Incidentally, the Foundation this year saluted and presented an award to
Kroger Super Market in Cincinnati for its work with disabled transitional
youth providing them with work.  So to say the least, I was elated and proud
to be interviewed by them after reading about their advocacy endeavors.
They also are involved with other community entities throughout the country
and abroad.  During my interview, the Manager of course inquired as to my
aspirations in the company.  Quickly I told him that my goal is to bring the
program of working with transitional youth who are disabled to Northeast
Ohio.  He was impressed and welcomed my response.  I am Blessed to have this
opportunity and will capitalize on it.  I know that I can and will
accomplish this wonderful and exciting prospect.  So, when I start this
quest, I will be calling on some of you to make this happen for our youth
who need a helping hand from those of us who reflect them.  We have walked
the walk and now we must give back!   


I am sharing this because we do not know where we are going or who we may
impact.  One door closes and another will open, and it is up to you what you
will do with what you are given.



There also are a few employees who are blind at the company and you know I
will be edifying about the NFB.


Have a wonderful New Year and never take anything for granted.  We are not
more than the next person.  I can testify to that!





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