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Oh, Suzanne, 
I am so happy for you -- and for all of us because Marriott can use some
real expertise in this area.  
Fantastic news!  

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Congratulations. Having been in transition within the past few years myself,
and knowing some people who worked for Kroger as part of their transition, I
think this type of program is warranted everywhere. I hope you are
successful in spreading it around as well. 

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> A Belated Merry Christmas to all!
> I wanted to provide updates!
> First, I visited William on Christmas Eve.  He was having a great day.  
> He received the best gift since his illness.  He is walking on both 
> legs with the assistance of a walker: up and down the halls on a daily
> However, that is not the best news.  He actually stood with no assistance.
> He released the walker and balanced accomplishing the next phase of 
> his therapy.  So continue to pray and send up good wishes for him.
> Secondly, I finally landed a job.  It is a position that I never 
> thought I would do or accept.  However, after I tell you the story, 
> you will see why I welcomed the opportunity.
> I interviewed for positions in my field all around Cleveland.  I 
> turned down some, due to them not being part-time.  I refused 
> interviews, because they would take me into homes or homeless 
> shelters.  I was turned down for two that I interviewed for, after 
> requesting to work fewer hours.  But, one day I became frustrated and 
> applied to a Call Center.  I thought to myself, surely I can do this.  
> After all my first professional job was the Social Security Call 
> Center.  Plus, I am just looking for something to do to earn extra money.
> The Call Center called me three weeks ago for an interview.  I forgot 
> that I applied.  After all I completed the application in September.  
> For all of you who know me, Benefits are my expertise.  What in the 
> world could this company do for my career path?  So, before going to 
> any interview, I always research the company.  As I was doing this, I 
> received a revelation.  The company is the Marriot International.  To 
> my surprise, they have a Foundation for persons with disabilities.  
> Some of you may know this, but I did not.  They also work with a 
> population near and dear to my heart: the transitional youth moving them
from high-school into successful employment.
> They have several Agencies around Ohio, but none in our great State.
> Incidentally, the Foundation this year saluted and presented an award 
> to Kroger Super Market in Cincinnati for its work with disabled 
> transitional youth providing them with work.  So to say the least, I 
> was elated and proud to be interviewed by them after reading about their
advocacy endeavors.
> They also are involved with other community entities throughout the 
> country and abroad.  During my interview, the Manager of course 
> inquired as to my aspirations in the company.  Quickly I told him that 
> my goal is to bring the program of working with transitional youth who 
> are disabled to Northeast Ohio.  He was impressed and welcomed my 
> response.  I am Blessed to have this opportunity and will capitalize 
> on it.  I know that I can and will accomplish this wonderful and 
> exciting prospect.  So, when I start this quest, I will be calling on 
> some of you to make this happen for our youth who need a helping hand from
those of us who reflect them.  We have walked
> the walk and now we must give back!   
> I am sharing this because we do not know where we are going or who we 
> may impact.  One door closes and another will open, and it is up to 
> you what you will do with what you are given.
> Note!
> There also are a few employees who are blind at the company and you 
> know I will be edifying about the NFB.
> Have a wonderful New Year and never take anything for granted.  We are 
> not more than the next person.  I can testify to that!
> Suzanne
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