[Ohio-talk] Transportation in Cleveland

Suzanne Turner smturner.234 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 16:56:10 UTC 2015

Good Afternoon, Ohio,


I wanted to provide some information for you about getting to the Hotel from
the greyhound bus station.


First, the address of the Double Tree Hotel is 6200 Quary Lane, Independence
Ohio 44131.  Their phone number is 216-447-1300,


Secondly, the price from Greyhound to the hotel is 25.00 not including
taxes, by way of cab.



Wayne Fletcher is a driver in Cleveland that provides transportation.   He
has also attended conventions and is a member of the Cuyahoga Chapter.
Wayne is willing to provide transportation for those coming into Cleveland
by bus for $15.00 at a flat fee.  If there is one or three in the car, it
will cost you $15.00.


Also, for those who ride Para Transitte, you can transfer your information
to Cleveland and schedule a ride with our service.  You must call your
office and tell them that you want to visit Cleveland for a week, provide
them with the fax number to Cleveland and schedule a ride one week prior to
your arrival.  Then, call one week of the date that you are leaving to
schedule back to the Greyhound.  The cost of the service is $2.25 each way.
Also, if you have the sticker that indicates: "PCA" another person can ride
for free.  The contact info is below.  


If you are confused, call me at 216-274-1405 


Fax info: Attention Hilda Perez

Tel: 216-566-5037 

Fax: 216-781-4484


To schedule a ride call



I hope this helps!



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