[Ohio-talk] FopyDo Scanning Stand Book Reading Aid KickStarter Project

Alan Lemly walemly at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 21:16:52 UTC 2015

Hello List,


The developer of the FopyDo scanning stand, Tomek Wardega, is attempting to
raise $4000 to fund a project to produce a book scanning base that works
with the existing scanning stand. If developed and sold, this base will make
scanning of books much easier with the FopyDo scanning stand and apps such
as KNFB Reader.


The project closes on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at 4 pm Central time and
is still about $200 short. For those unfamiliar with how KickStarter works,
if you find a project to back, you choose from various offered levels to
back it. For example, with this FopyDo project, I chose the $40 option which
will get me the existing FopyDo scanning stand which retails for about $12
plus shipping at Amazon, the $25 book scanning base, and a $5 shipping
charge. No charge for your pledge is levied unless the project meets its
goal and goes through.


The FopyDo scanning stand has gotten high praise on the viphone email list
from those who have used it. For those interested in getting such a stand
and a book base to complement it, this would be a great way to support
further development of this accessibility product. Here's a link to read
about the KickStarter project:




Please join me in supporting this project if you can use a scanning stand
with a complementary book base to ease the scanning and digitizing of books.


Alan Lemly



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