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Yes, your emails are coming in.

I would like to apologize if it seems like no one is listening.  Much consideration is being discussed among the Cleveland Chapter about how we can assist members with transportation.  Therefore, on Sunday I will send out an email of names and contact numbers for those who will be able to provide transportation from the Greyhound bus station and the Mega Bus stops.  All are within ten minutes from one another.  

The individuals who will provide transportation will charge a flat fee for it there is one or four people in a car.  It will be the same cost for all cars.  We are finalizing all details and do not worry the cost will be minimum.  Look out for the info on Sunday!  Please check the schedules and often the Mega Bus has great deals.

Do not forget about Para Transit.  You can use our service here and pay $2.25 each way in Cuyahoga County.  I will provide that information as well.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me off line or call me at 216-990-6199

We are looking forward to having you all in Northeast Ohio!


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Hello on Thursday evening I am not sure if my emails are going anywhere.  I seem to have 2 emails for capital chapter  & 2 for ohio talk. I don't know if any of them actually post anywhere.  I read other people's posts & responses, yet don't know if anyone can see mine. I asked questions yesterday about the upcoming convention  & transportation,  but don't think anyone got it or perhaps no one read it.  The list serves that I am a part of for several  other groups,  are a wonderful method of communication for important topics, issues, connecting people, resources and asking important questions of the group,  which get relevant responses & suggestions or resources. Are these  list serves different?  I see a lot of sarcasm,  frivolous or non serious responses & comments amongst people, but not a lot of serious,  helpful comments. There isn't a lot of togetherness, marching toward a common goal in posts. Am I not seeing the posts that are working towards getting people to convention?  I see registration competition,  but no efforts to figure out how to get people there or who is working on that portion.  Today is Oct 15th, about 2 wks left on the hotel block of rooms.No doubt Cleveland  will be well represented, but then again, the Cleveland folks are very good at planning to get people where they need to be. Applause for you Cleveland membership!  Seriously,  I like & appreciate the work  they put in to things. Other chapters,  are you getting excited about convention  & trying to get your members there? Carol Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone _______________________________________________
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