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Tue Oct 20 13:15:47 UTC 2015

Hi all:

This is your friendly neighborhood Web Developer Dude. Just writing to provide some exciting updates that we have been working on very hard on the website.

1. the new Mally’s Chocolate fund raising campaign is now live on the site, right under the heading called Fund Raising. Imagine that?
2. We have a new and exciting KNFB Reader drawing on the site, to read about it, you can find it under the 2015 Convention heading. you can even pay for the drawing online. to be honest, I believe its the only way you can, enter the drawing, so you better hurry, you can enter to win a chance at the KNFB Reader software for your iPhone or android device. 
3. most if not all site info has been updated directly by us with the great help of Eric.

We here at Commtech want you to know that although we can’t show you anything you can touch feel or smell via the web, we are in fact working hard for your organization and appreciate and want to thank you all for choosing Commtech for your web design and development needs. and if there’s anything you want to see on the site, send Eric an email, or get in touch with us directly, our email for web development is 
supportgroup at commtechusa.net <mailto:supportgroup at commtechusa.net>
or call our Commtech SupportGroup Call center at 
(623) 565-9357.
Gabe Vega | CEO
Commtech LLC

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