[Ohio-talk] A Lending Hand!

Suzanne Turner smturner.234 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 16:56:50 UTC 2015

Good Afternoon Federationist,


As promised, I have provided several names of individuals who are willing to
provide transportation from the Greyhound Station and the Mega Bus Areas to
the hotel.  Please call one of these members if you need assistance.  There
is a flat fee of $15.00 each way for one or even four in a car to ride.


Also, do not forget about the Para Transit.


If you need any other assistance, please feel free to contact me.  



The President of the Cleveland Chapter would like to extend an offer to
those who may not have the expenses to pay for the ride: that he will step
in and cover the cost.

William Turner



So, we are so excited to have you here in Northeast Ohio!  If there is
anything else we can do, just call!   


Please call these members for more information and so that you can become
acquainted with one another.


Wayne Fletcher



Richard Kirks



Paula King



Leonard Jackson

216- 272-4849



Also here is a cab station if you would prefer this.

Yellow Cab



Para Transit



Uber and Lift do run in Cleveland

We hope this helps!



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