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richard rchpay7 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 13:49:08 UTC 2016

I was asked to share this survey and think you should decide if you wish to
fill out the survey. Richard 

  CABVI and Cleveland Sight Center are working jointly as they consider
possibilities of providing services in central Ohio. An important part of
their planning is getting feedback from the blindness community. If
possible, could you share this opportunity with the CapChap listserv and/or
with others with current/former life experience in central Ohio for input?
The surveyors hope to get responses by/before May 6.


For questions, the best contact is John Mitchell,
John.Mitchell at CincyBlind.org 


Here's what he writes:


Due to the closing of Vision and Vocational Services several years ago,
there is a lack of service and support available to the Columbus/Central
Ohio area. This survey aims to explore the need for said services in this
part of the state.


You're invited to fill out this accessible form Vision Services Need Survey.
To fill it out, visit: 




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