[Ohio-talk] piggy pimp and copy message lol

richard rchpay7 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 15:35:05 UTC 2016

Well last night  a piggy pimp was spotted trumping a deal and  sold 11
tickets for marching for independence

I do not know what to tell you but ketch up.

I am sending out the below message  because I do not think you heard her.

We get 100 percent of on line sales and 100 percent of profit from ticket
sales hello federation members let's call the pigs and build the federation.
Positive Payne

I know it is ground hog day, but ground hogs don't taste quite as good as
bacon!  I am looking for more people to get on board and adopt piggy!  Bring
the bacon home to your family.  I know a lot of you are faithful to the
lottery or even the casino, so statistically speaking, we all know our odds
of hitting the big jackpot in the Ohio or Mega lotto are slim, very slim.
Possible yes, but slim.  The odds of you winning one of the 3, yes three
prizes in the Piggest Raffle are much greater than the lotto.  But, as is
always said with the lotto, you can't expect to win if you don't play!

Just envision winning $5,000 for yourself and $5,000 for our organization.
Sounds awesome doesn't it? Gotta buy some pigs, gotta bring home the
bacon.Also, just envision the funds you create by selling, buying or as we
refer to it, "adopting" the cute little pink things that don't smell like a
farm, but smell like money.  How many people can you talk to about winning a
great prize with better odds than the lottery?

Buy them online, share the link with your family, friends, facebook, linked
in, email, anything you have that connects you with other people. Sell
physical tickets if you like.  Each opportunity to buy a pig has unlimited
potential to raise funds.  There has never been an easier way to generate
funds.  We did not have to pay to print the tickets, create the fliers, or
build a website for the sales.  All we have to do is promote the sales,
collect money for paper tickets or send others online to purchase under our
name, The National Federation of the Blind of Ohio.  How simple is that?
www.piggestraffle.com  Questions?  email me at  purplecakers at yahoo.comThe
last day to purchase online tickets is April 26th, but don't wait that long.
Get them now before you forget.  Those of you with paper tickets-- return
your stubs to me by February 29th Leap day.  Pigs don't jump, so hurry, just
do it.  Remember the winner need not be present!

Oink oink, I love bacon!Carol




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