[Ohio-talk] some thoughts and humor

Eric Duffy peduffy63 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 16:37:06 UTC 2016

Wow!! Just Wow!

Last week I went to OSU East for a sleep study. Although it is a big facility, it is small in comparison to OSU Main. I don’t have people panicking and trying to bring me a wheelchair at Main. So I was surprised when East went bananas and asked why I was there by myself. Why did someone just drop me there and leave? What were they supposed to do now?

I said you can give me directions to where I need to go. 

Oh know they exclaimed! This is a big place and you’re not familiar with how to get around.

I said I know, that’s why I’m asking for directions.

They said let us call someone! A few minutes later, a man came with a wheelchair and stopped right in front of me.

I said I don’t need a chair. I can walk. 

He said why don’t we use the chair for now.

I quietly but firmly said, because I don’t want to!

To my amazement he put the chair back, and I did not have one more problem while I was there.

That was at a hospital, where they are used to putting a lot of people in wheelchairs for different reasons.  I had an easier time getting rid of the chair there than I do at airports some times.

I must say I have not had a chair offered in Columbus or Baltimore for a very long time.


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