[Ohio-talk] Attention all Ohio pig farmers!!!

Denver Jones emfs1969 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 21:57:58 UTC 2016

SUEY, SUEY, pig-pig-pig, SUEY!!! Listen up all you farmers here in Ohio! I am headed in to the hog Waller on Friday. So, if you haven't already sent them I need you to rush and get me those pigtails! We have a passel of little piggies without tails. So I need you to start thinking about sending those pigtails to me. I got's to meet up with the vet so he can reattach the mall for us!

OK, all joking aside though. I am going down to the flying pig office on Tuesday or Friday of this week. I would really like to take a stack of these pigtails and turn them in so we can get credit for them! So, please, if you think about it mail them to Carole Akers, Richard Payne or myself.  It would be greatly a pre-she ate it.

Respect fully, 

Denver Jones, president diabetes action network

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