[Ohio-talk] Piggest Raffle Ever

Rachel Kuntz rachelrkuntz at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 03:44:04 UTC 2016

Watch your back, Richard Payne.


I am coming for the iPad.


The great people in West Chester and Cincinnati love what the NFB of Ohio is
doing. They have given me a total of $555.00 to help us further our cause.
Cash breakdown: $475.00 is on its way to Sherry Ruth via first class mail.
$80.00 is pending in online sales. There are 29 ticket stubs (pig tails) on
their way to Carol Akers. I am feeling pretty lucky so I know one of my
proud supporters will be the big winner. 


Although the paper tickets are sold out, I will keep forwarding the link to
buy tickets online until we can't sell any longer. My main goal is to raise
more money than Richard. Not sure it's possible because he never takes a
break from raising money but I will keep trying. 


How are the rest of you doing with tickets? Let's celebrate your hard work.


The work we do as an organization changes lives. I know because it has
changed mine in amazing ways. One year ago I felt isolated and afraid to
venture out on my own. In a few short months I have met so many great people
who have pushed me way outside my comfort zone giving me the strength and
courage to unleash a new confident me. My friends and family gave so
generously because they like the independent me and know that it is as a
result of working alongside each of you. 


Let's keep raising funds together so we can help as many people as possible
live the life they want too.


I don't know about anyone else but I could use a little Malley's chocolate
right about now



Rachel Kuntz

937 245-0547 


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