[Ohio-talk] Missing piggies

purplecakers purplecakers at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 29 19:59:41 UTC 2016


Good sunny day to all! Today is February 29th, Leap Year 2016 and the day we were targeting to track our piggies. Below is a little  shout out to a few folks I have not yet heard from concerning the status of piggies. Sherri Albers 10 piggiesDeborah  Kendrick 10 piggiesWalter Mitchell 10  piggiesPlease shoot a message to me regarding the status of your piggies, since they all need homes and let me know the amount you submit to Sherry Ruth so we can track the bacon.
I have spoken with  the following people and await the mail on your tails:Stephanie Claytor  10 piggiesWanda Sloan  5 piggiesGloria Robinson  10 piggiesSuzanne Turner  12 piggiesSherry Ruth has pig tails in the mail, as does Marilyn Piepho. I received  Cheryl Fishers pigtails. Shoot me a message with the amount you submit to Sherry Ruth. We have to keep track of all the bacon coming in so it doesn't end up back in the pig slop and get eaten. Thank you all for your great efforts and cooperation.  When these get turned in, should we try to sell another 100? The drawing is still 2 months away and there are plenty of opportunities to make more money with these tickets.Here piggy piggy come on in.Carol

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