[Ohio-talk] Fwd: Revised Press Release For The BlindVisionUnited Interview And Show Tonight

Jordy Stringer jordystringer83 at gmail.com
Thu May 19 16:12:12 UTC 2016

Greetings Federation family, I hope this note finds each of you well. 
I thought some of you may find the below message of interest.
Warm regards,

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> From: David Dunphy <discoduck221 at gmail.com>
> Date: May 19, 2016 at 6:07:55 AM AST
> To: info <info at blindvisionunited.org>
> Subject: Revised Press Release For The BlindVisionUnited Interview And Show Tonight
> Hello All!
> I hope you're ready for a Thursday evening of entertainment,
> information and fun, as we bring to you another edition of Djd's
> Digital Distraction on KJSC RadiO, starting at 7 PM eastern and going
> til either 11 PM or midnight, depending on how much fun we're having.
> In addition to...
> Our usual mix of songs
> Some a cappella music including a new song from the guys of Home Free
> Your requests
> Maybe Play That year
> And more, we're going to have some very special guests on in the
> second hour of the show, at 8 PM eastern time tonight.
> From time to time, we come into contact with individuals who, in one
> way or another, want to do something special for the people around
> them. Tonight, we are going to meet the individuals responsible for
> putting together a non-profet organization called Blind Vision United
> http://www.blindvisionunited.org
> So what is this organization? Jordy Stringer and others will be on the
> show tonight to give you some insight into the great work these fine
> people intend to do to improve the lives of the blind in our world
> today.
> During the show or interview, you can get in touch via twitter at
> kjscradio
> Via skype at
> kjsc.radio
> Via telephone at
> 602 399 7279
> And to make requests during the show, you can search my music library
> by visiting
> http://djdrocks.online/requests
> And to tune in, listen in at
> http://onj.me/kjscradio
> Search for KJSC Radio on Tunein
> or visit
> http://kjscradio.com/classic/radio.php
> for additional listening options.
> So I hope you'll tune in for this exciting interview, and hang around
> before and after it, for some great music, fun and entertainment to
> get you through a Thursday night.
> I hope to see you     all there!
> From David Dunphy

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