[Ohio-talk] Charity Day 5K information

Carol Akers purplecakers at yahoo.com
Fri May 20 23:36:22 UTC 2016

Hello all!The weather is getting nicer and everyone is getting outside more to enjoy it.  With that being said, WHO will join us, the NFB of Ohio, on June 26th for the 1st Annual Charity Day 5K event? This fun fundraising event will be held in downtown Columbus, Ohio and it will be in the news!  This will be a wonderful opportunity to get those canes a tapping and demonstrate independence and mobility to the community.  I am excited for this event and hope all the members of the NFB of Ohio are too. Right now though, I feel as if I am talking to myself, as I hear and see nothing but CRICKETS. That is right folks, where are all the voices of the blind of Ohio? Please remember that this fundraising event is to benefit the affiliate and members who I hope are actively excited about working together to raise funds and have fun.I look forward to having a large crowd of NFB Ohio members at this event with me!  It would look really weird if only 5 of us showed up for this now wouldn't it? And only 4 had canes, how newsworthy would that be?  It wouldn't make much of a statement to the community about our presence in Ohio and what we do.  Events such as this set the tone for our future when we ask for donations and want people to take notice of other things we strive to change or do in the public eye.  Lets make this a notable event, one people will remember  us for.  Yes, let people say, "Oh, I remember the NFB Ohio, yes, they were part of the downtown event and there were so many canes and dogs walking along with the others.  Yes I will support your efforts after seeing that." Many of you may not realize what an impact this could make on the community. I hate to keep repeating myself but, this is important.  You never know who needs what you have. You never know whose life you could impact by being part of this.  There are people in the community who need to know who the NFB of Ohio is and need to see that this too is possible, it can be part of the life you choose to live. There are people who need to see possibilities, hope and a way to change their lives. Please join me on this day at this event to make NFB Ohio a household name.Carol Akers

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