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Deanna Lewis deannakay03 at gmail.com
Mon May 23 11:28:33 UTC 2016

Hi Carol and all,
I will be there! My cane will not be a tappin' but my guide dog's paws
will be a clickin' as we walk this 5K! I'm very excited, as this is my
first 5K walk. I am trying to get a group of guide dog users together
to join us. And of course, Oagdu can hand out literature at the table.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Columbus!

On 5/22/16, Denver Jones via Ohio-Talk <ohio-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> I placed that phrase at the beginning of my message body for a very
> important reason! I believe that many times in this day and age we forget
> how far we came as a united front. I think the forefathers of the in FB knew
> exactly what to do, and we in this day and age sometimes forget.   Miss
> Carol Akers I want you to know that your email has not fallen on deaf ears!
> We had an incredible turnout for our volunteer station on the flying pig
> half marathon route. I for one have not signed up for this 5K walk. However,
> I have sent my contribution to the Nfb on behalf of this walk to miss SHERRY
> RUTH. I believe that we all should know what our limitations and boundaries
> are. I further believe that we should push ourselves to those boundaries as
> frequently as possible. All of these things have been said so I can
> demonstrate my desire to pull this organization to gather as a united front
> and attempt to make the NFB of Ohio a household name in Ohio! It will take a
> heck of a lot more than just five people to get this to happen for us! So I
> implore each and everyone of you on this list serve to put forth your best
> effort to support this cause. If, you are not able to register and
> participate, at least reach out with your contribution. This does not
> necessarily mean a financial contribution. Richard, our affiliate president,
> I was informed the list serve that we have a table available to disseminate
> literature or so items related to the national Federation of the blind. The
> diabetes action network has already stepped up and said they want to pass
> out literature and sell items. We need more blind participants!  So, come
> one, come on, step right up and have a ball!  Let's unite in Columbus on
> this date not to show support for an event but to show people here we are
> and what we can be! Send my doctors told me that I need to be more active, I
> have made a conscious effort to be at Emory possible excursion that we
> support and or indoors!
> Please everyone, join me in these efforts with Carole Akers and the other
> for! If you are able to make this event please, register as soon as possible
> and support your brothers and sisters in the in B!
> I want to add a small disclaimer here. There are a few grammatical errors in
> this message and a few words that are not correctly in Surrey. Dictation on
> the iPhone is not  and exact science as of yet. Please excuse any miss
> spellings or incorrectly worded sentence.
> Respectfully,
> Denver. Jones
>> On May 20, 2016, at 7:36 PM, Carol Akers via Ohio-Talk
>> <ohio-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>> Hello all!The weather is getting nicer and everyone is getting outside
>> more to enjoy it.  With that being said, WHO will join us, the NFB of
>> Ohio, on June 26th for the 1st Annual Charity Day 5K event? This fun
>> fundraising event will be held in downtown Columbus, Ohio and it will be
>> in the news!  This will be a wonderful opportunity to get those canes a
>> tapping and demonstrate independence and mobility to the community.  I am
>> excited for this event and hope all the members of the NFB of Ohio are
>> too. Right now though, I feel as if I am talking to myself, as I hear and
>> see nothing but CRICKETS. That is right folks, where are all the voices of
>> the blind of Ohio? Please remember that this fundraising event is to
>> benefit the affiliate and members who I hope are actively excited about
>> working together to raise funds and have fun.I look forward to having a
>> large crowd of NFB Ohio members at this event with me!  It would look
>> really weird if only 5 of us showed up for this now wouldn't it? And only
>> 4 had canes, how newsworthy would that be?  It wouldn't make much of a
>> statement to the community about our presence in Ohio and what we do.
>> Events such as this set the tone for our future when we ask for donations
>> and want people to take notice of other things we strive to change or do
>> in the public eye.  Lets make this a notable event, one people will
>> remember  us for.  Yes, let people say, "Oh, I remember the NFB Ohio, yes,
>> they were part of the downtown event and there were so many canes and dogs
>> walking along with the others.  Yes I will support your efforts after
>> seeing that." Many of you may not realize what an impact this could make
>> on the community. I hate to keep repeating myself but, this is important.
>> You never know who needs what you have. You never know whose life you
>> could impact by being part of this.  There are people in the community who
>> need to know who the NFB of Ohio is and need to see that this too is
>> possible, it can be part of the life you choose to live. There are people
>> who need to see possibilities, hope and a way to change their lives.
>> Please join me on this day at this event to make NFB Ohio a household
>> name.Carol Akers
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