[Ohio-talk] NFB BELL Academy Needs You!

Sheri Albers salbers1 at twc.com
Tue May 24 01:40:46 UTC 2016

Yes, NFBO members, I am talking to YOU! Our NFB BELL Academy plans are in
full swing and we are falling short in the volunteer department. We already
have six students signed up and I received two more phone calls today from
potential participants. We do not want to turn anyone away because of lack
of staff - this program is just too important to these kids and their

Our NFB BELL Academy runs from Sunday July 17 through Friday July 22. Please
let me know if you are willing to lend your talents as a mentor and are
ready to make a difference in a blind child's life. I will gladly send you
an application.


Best Regards,

Sheri Albers

NFBO BELL Academy Coordinator


Salbers1 at twc.com



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