[Ohio-talk] #HowEyeSeeIt videos

Kaiti Shelton kaiti.shelton at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 00:47:53 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I've been keeping up with the #HowEyeSeeIt campaign from the
Foundation Fighting Blindness, as well as the responses to the
campaign from blind people from the NFB, ACB, and those who are not a
member of either group but disagree with the fundraising practices
used in this campaign.  If you're on my facebook feed chances are
you've seen me posting, leaving reviews on the FFB facebook page, and
sharing posts and videos by others to do my part on social media.

So far in addition to my own video, I've seen clips from Jordy and
Sheri Wells-Jensin.  Dr. Wells-Jensin's video particularly struck a
chord with me as a student who is applying for post-undergraduate
internships and will be interviewing at least once or twice within the
next several months.  The fear that someone, even in a more
progressive field like mine, might have seen those videos or
participated in the challenges, and might see me in a negative light
or as a liability when I tell them I am responsible and capable of
working with other people's small children with disabilities is a very
real fear for me, and I love the demonstrative way in which that video
was carried out.

I'd like to know if anyone else from Ohio has produced videos to
respond to the #HowEyeSeeIt campaign.  I'd love to support members of
my affiliate as we work to show that misrepresentation is not an
ethical or appropriate way to gain support from people you are trying
to help.

Kaiti Shelton

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