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> Dear Fellow Federationists:
> A website called PresidentialOpenQuestions.com is accepting ideas for questions to be asked of the two major party presidential candidates  in the upcoming televised debates. Users of the site can also vote on submitted questions that they would like for the candidates to be asked. CNN and ABC, the networks hosting the final two presidential debates, have agreed to consider the top thirty questions voted upon by the public for inclusion in the debates. One of the questions being heavily promoted relates specifically to disability rights and reads as follows: How would you value disability rights in your presidency? It is currently among the top sixty questions, out of some ten thousand submitted.
> While the wording of this question is broad, it is better than no question related to people with disabilities at all. We should engage in every effort we can to get the candidates to talk about how blind people and others with disabilities will be enabled to live the lives we want under their administrations. Some members have therefore circulated the question and website address to various lists, and it was promoted yesterday on our official NFB social media channels.
> That said, we have since learned that members who have attempted to vote have experienced usability and accessibility issues with the site, and its behavior is inconsistent. While some of us have voted for the question successfully with little difficulty, others have been unable to do so. We have contacted the owners of the site to urge them to fix these issues and to point out that the votes of tens of thousands of blind people are being lost while they remain unresolved. However, since some of us have been able to complete the process, and if that fact encourages you to try voting for the question, you might have the best experience by following these steps:
> 1. Click the Register link near the top of the page and then, on the next screen, create your account.
> 2. As part of creating your account, you will have to check a box that says “I'm not a robot."  When you check that box, you may or may not be asked to solve one or more captchas. If you are asked to solve captchas, there will be an opportunity for you to click a button that says "Get an audio challenge," or you may receive a captcha that simply asks you a question to which you must check the correct answer.
> 3. Once you have successfully registered, go to the "disability question" and vote. Here's the direct link:
> https://presidentialopenquestions.com/questions/7313/vote/ 
> Note that the vote button will be above the text of the question, not below or after it.
> 4. When you have voted successfully, the word "voted" will appear above the question's text, along with the total number of votes that the question has received; this is how you will know your vote has been counted.
> I hope that many of you are able to vote successfully, and again we have let the site owners know that they can and should make it much easier for blind users to vote on their site.
> Warmly,
> Chris Danielsen
> Director of Public Relations
> National Federation of the Blind
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