[Ohio-talk] Story about blind man on WLWT

Marianne Denning marianne at denningweb.com
Sat Oct 8 15:38:57 UTC 2016

I tried to send a link so people could watch this article. An employee from
Clovernook was crossing at an intersection recently. A 12 year old student
offered to help him and the blind man accepted the help even though he
crosses this intersection regularly. Apparently, someone took a picture and
posted it to Facebook and it went viral. 2 television stations came out and
interviewed the blind man and the student. First, I think it is great that
the young man offered to help. I am concerned that the blind man said
something to the effect that he never turned down help when offered because
he might need help and people might not offer. I also have a problem with
it going viral. I found out about the report from Carlton Walker who works
at the national office. People helping each other isn't anything new. I
hope we all accept and give help. I would love to hear from others.

Marianne Denning, TVI, MA
Teacher of students who are blind or visually impaired
(513) 607-6053

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