[Ohio-talk] brailliant bi question

Kelsey Nicolay piano.girl0299 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 02:45:17 UTC 2016

I realize this is not the list for technical questions, but I was 
hoping someone could help me out.  I use a Brailliant Bi for 
work, but I also paired it with my ipad so I have a larger 
display when I need to perform a task the Focus 14 would not be 
as efficient for.  In the most recent firmware update (which I 
installed), it says on Humanware's website that there is a 
keystroke to switch between usb and Bluetooth connections, but 
the keystroke is not listed anywhere in the documentation or on 
the website.  Therefore, if anyone uses a Brailliant or knows 
someone who does, what is the keystroke for toggling between a 
usb and Bluetooth connection? On the Focus, it's power 123.
Thank you,
Kelsey Nicolay

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