[Ohio-talk] Screw Your Neighbor!

Wanda Sloan wsloan118 at roadrunner.com
Thu Oct 27 13:33:28 UTC 2016

Screw Your Neighbbor is very much like the grocery store game that we play
at the Miami Valley Picnics.  This is so much fun.

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As promised, I am listing the rules for the second game of hospitality.


Screw Your Neighbor:


The object of this game is to keep an item that you really wan 


Each player is to purchase an item worth $5.00.


Then put the items on a designated table.


Next, all players will be provided a number to be called respectively.


As your number is called, select an item of your choosing.


When the next number is called, that player can take your prize or take one
from the table.


This will go on until all prizes are either frozen or removed from the


items can not be stolen but twice and then it is frozen.


For example,


Number 1 chooses a prize; then number 2 takes it from number 1; and finally
number 13 wants that same prize.  Because it has been passed around twice,
number 13 keeps it and that item is frozen.


For more information, please email or call me.




Do not forget family Feud!


There will not be any trick questions.  All Chapters have seasoned members
who could be beneficial to your team winning.


Good luck and go Tribe and CAVS!!!






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