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Thu Oct 27 22:15:16 UTC 2016

Greetings Friends,

 Savor the flavors of Malley's Chocolates--a sweet experience!

Most of you are getting ready for the annual state convention, and, no doubt, You're all very busy.  I promise this won't take long.

 I've just received an E-Mail from Packy Malley, one of the managers at Malley's Chocolates, to inform me that the website is now active and will accept orders.  Although the forms and fliers have yet to be distributed, you can still place online orders.  To order online, please visit 


The online shipping period is from November 7th to December 12th, 2016 and is free with purchases of $65 and over.  Although shipping is a few weeks away, you can still place your order.  Just think, you'll be one of the first to receive your Malley's Chocolates goodies from your friendly UPS carrier!  When your friends and relatives find out you have candy and nuts, they'll be at your door, asking to come in.

Although most of you will order online, forms and fliers will be available at the convention, preferably either at the Registration or literature tables.   

If you wish to conduct sales with forms and fliers, read on for more details regarding this year’s fundraising initiative.

“Welcome! We are eager to work with your organization’s fundraising efforts this Christmas season. 

* Total sales over $1,000.00 earn a 33% profit
*Each seller will receive a Malley’s Chocolates fundraising paper form and a	 
         Master Sheet to tally their own sales. 
*The seller will fill out orders on the full color fundraising paper form and
 transfer totals to their Master Sheet. 
*The seller will keep the full color fundraising paper form for their records. 
*The seller will return the yellow and white carbon Master Sheets to their
*The chairperson will return both the yellow and white Master Sheets to Malley’s Chocolate and the Malley’s Chocolates Coversheet included in this packet of information. 
*When sale is completed, Malley’s will return all of the yellow Master Sheets to the chairperson

Tip for Chairperson: Add up all quantity totals and dollar amount totals on each Master Sheet. This will be helpful in making sure your invoice matches the total dollar and quantity amount recorded for the whole paper form sale. 

Please alphabetize by last name.
If you have special instructions, please be specific.

For information about the online portion of the Christmas sale, 
refer to the back of the full color fundraising paper form.

Features of your Malley’s Fundraising Drive: 
Free Ground Shipping on all Internet orders totaling $65.00 or more to one address in the continental U.S. 
Customizable web page on our secure site for participants to ship orders directly to their homes or businesses. 
Free Delivery and Free Individual Packaging available for orders totaling $3,000 or more. 

Monday, November 7th		Web orders begin to ship
Monday, November 14th 	Candy Deliveries Begin 
Wednesday, November 30th	Last Day for Master Sheets to be returned to Malley’s Chocolates 
*Note: Master Sheets are due 2 weeks prior to scheduled delivery or pick-up date 
Monday, December 12th  	Online Order Deadline 
Wednesday, December 14th 	Final Delivery Day for Local Orders 
Included in this packet of material will be ways to have a successful fundraising sale.  We look forward to helping your group raise guaranteed profits!

Bill Malley (East of I-77)  
Packy Malley (West of I-77)
Malley’s Chocolates: Fundraising 216-226-8300


Christmas Fundraising FAQs 

How much time should sellers be given to fundraise? 
Seasonal fundraising drives can range from two to four weeks on average, depending on the number of sellers in your organization, and the obvious time constraints relative to an upcoming holiday. 

Do I collect money at the time the order is made or upon delivery? 
All monies are to be collected at the time of the individual sale. Then all participating sellers must submit Master Sheets and checks/cash to Chairperson. Bring all Master Sheets to Malley’s Fundraising Department at our Brook Park location, 13400 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. 

When is payment due and what forms of remittance are accepted? 
Payment is due when you receive your candy on your scheduled delivery or candy pickup date. You will have received an invoice from Malley’s prior to this via email. Accepted payment options are cash, check or cashier’s check/money order. Credit cards are assessed an additional four percent (4%) fee for processing. 

What about door-to-door selling? 
Malley’s does not encourage door-to-door selling in the interest of child safety. Most fundraising sales by school-aged children are made to parents, other family members, and friends of the family. Parents often take the forms to their workplaces to generate sales. With the option of emailing the link to your child’s fundraising page, even out-of-town family and friends can support your cause by shopping online and having their orders shipped directly to their address. 

When will I receive my candy? 
Fundraising groups may select a desired delivery date for qualifying orders that reach $3,000 in sales. Malley’s will hand deliver the orders on this pre-determined day and often our drivers can help inventory the boxes on-site for accuracy’s sake. If your total group sales fall short of $3,000, orders can be picked up at whichever of our 22 retail locations is most convenient to you.
What do I do when my merchandise arrives? 
If your candy is delivered to your school/organization, Malley’s will bring your seller’s boxes inside your building to a designated area such as a gymnasium or meeting room. It is a good idea to inventory the order as soon as possible in the regrettable event items arrive broken or are missing so that Malley’s can rectify the items in a timely manner. 

How can I make merchandise distribution easier? 
With qualifying orders, Malley’s fundraising candy is individually packed and clearly labeled by seller, simplifying the distribution process for Chairpersons. Our labeling system will indicate name and group or classroom identification if so noted on Malley’s Chocolates Coversheet. We recommend enlisting volunteers well in advance of the big day to help organize orders and their pickup. 

Where/when should merchandise be distributed? 
First, set a specific date and time for orders to be picked up at your location. Notify participants/parents with timely reminders several days prior. Begin distribution of school fundraising orders the day of or the day after they arrive. Set a specific date and time for parents to pick up orders. Also, if your school district has a telephone system that allows for automatic messages to be sent out to parents, please arrange to have the principal record a voicemail reminder. Gymnasiums, cafeterias or other large centralized areas make excellent distribution locations for your school fundraising merchandise. 

What if product arrives damaged from our order? 
While we strive for perfect fulfillment of all our customer’s orders, Malley’s Chocolate will replace damaged items submitted for the group by the Chairperson contacting our Fundraising department at 216-226-8300.
Lastly…Don’t do it alone!  More help means more profit!  Set realistic goals.  Establish ways to communicate to your sellers every week.  Promote the on-line link and link it to the sellers Facebook accounts.  Let people know what you are raising the money for.  Be organized!  Be creative!  Have fun with contests that don’t cost money. Set your start and end dates in the beginning.   
It’s that easy!!  Have questions?  Call us…we are here to help you!
Bill Malley (Eastside of Cleveland)  
Packy Malley (Westside of Cleveland)
Malley’s Chocolates 
Fundraising Expert 

To review:

Percentage Profits: 
Malley's Chocolates will pay us 33% of whatever we make at the end of our fundraising.  For instance, if our sales amount to $1,000, we make 33% profit or $330.  Online orders of $65 or more ship free. 
There are two fundraising opportunities each year: Christmas and Easter.  The Christmas fundraising has already begun and the Easter program begins sometime in January. 
To order online on behalf of the Ohio Affiliate, go to: 
Please note that if you want free shipping, you need to purchase at least $65 worth of items. 
Here is the entire list of candy and other sweets you will find when you visit:  
1.  Milk Chocolate Buckeyes, 12.5 oz box $15.00 
2.  Dark Chocolate Break-Up, 9 oz box  $9.00 
3.  Milk Chocolate NutMallow, 1 lb loaf $17.75 
4.  Milk Chocolate Rainbow Wafers, 1 lb box $12.75 
5.  Dark Chocolate Snow Wafers, 1 lb box $12.75 
6.  Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 14 oz box  $16.25 
7. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 14 oz box $16.25 
8.  Dark Chocolate Square Malley Mints, 8 oz box  $11.00 
9.  Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties, 7 oz box $9.00 
10.  Milk Chocolate Almond Billy Bark, 10 oz box $10.00 
11.  Milk Chocolate Cashew Billy Bark, 10 oz box $10.25 
12.  Milk Chocolate Malley's Ark, 5 oz box $9.25 
13.  Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Santa Royals, 8 oz box $10.75  
14.  Milk Chocolate Caramel Santa Royals, 8 oz box $10.75 
15.  Dark Chocolate Raspberry Santa Royals, 8 oz box $12.00 
16.  Nut Party, 1 lb box $30.00 
17.  Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels, 11 oz box $14.75 
18.  White Chocolate Mini Pretzels, 11 oz box $13.50 
19.  Santa Tote, 5 oz box $7.00 
20.  Old Fashioned Hard Candy, 1 lb container $15.25 
21.  Milk Chocolate Caramel Bars, 5 per 11.25 oz box $8.75 
22.  Milk Choc Pretzel Crunch Bars, 5 per 8.75 oz box  $7.75 
   23.  Dark Chocolate Pretzel Crunch Bars, 5 per 8.75 oz box $8.00 
24.  Milk Chocolate Santa Bars, 5 per 8.75 oz box $7.85 
  25.  Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, 8 per 4 oz box $6.50 
   26.  Milk Chocolate Pecan BillyBobs, 7 oz gift box $10.25 
27.  Milk Chocolate Coconut Haystacks, 8 oz box $9.15  
 28.  Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters, 1 lb box $15.95 28 
 29.  Milk Chocolate Cashew Clusters, 8 oz gift box $13.75 
    30.  Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters, 8 oz gift box $13.50 
31.  Milk Chocolate Santa Pops, 5 per 5 oz box $10.50 
32.  Deluxe Mixed Nuts, 12 oz $13.75 
33.  Milk Chocolate Crunch Santa, 8.5 oz bag $7.75 
34.  Milk Chocolate Pretzel Ballerina, 3.5 oz $3.50 
35.  Milk Chocolate Pretzel Truck, 4 oz  $3.25 
36.  Milk Chocolate Foiled Santas, 12 oz bag $12.50 
37.  Milk Chocolate Foiled Bells, 12 oz bag $12.75 
38.  Dark Chocolate Foiled Bells, 12 oz bag $12.75 
39.  Fresh Roasted Cashews,12 oz bag $13.25 
40.  Gummi Holiday Assortment,12 oz bag $5.00 
41.  Milk Chocolate Pretzel Babies,12 oz bag $7.75 
42.  Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews, 12 oz bag  $10.00 
43.  Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins, 12 oz bag $7.25 
Please note that shipping is from November 7th to December 12th, and it's not too early to place your order now! 
If you have questions or need help placing your order, please contact me at mzavoli at roadrunner.com or call me at (216) 939-0502.
To contact Malley’s Chocolates directly about fliers and forms or other questions, e-mail Bill Malley JR., at bmalley at malleys.com or write to:  13400 Brookpark Road. Cleveland, Ohio 44135 or call these general numbers:  (216) 325-5570, (216) 226-8300, or 1-(800) 275-6255
Fundraising:  (216) 898-4994 
Fax:  1-(800) 211-0567

Thank you in advance for your support and let’s go for the pot of gold--$1,000 and above!
Best Regards,
Milena Zavoli
Season's Greetings!  Support the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio.  Check out Malley’s collection of sweet treats and make your holidays special!  Free Shipping on all orders of $65 or more to one address


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