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Suzanne Turner smturner.234 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 22:34:01 UTC 2017



If you are still on the fence about attending the 2017 National Federation
of the Blind National Convention in Orlando Florida, this may help.  Today I
purchased a ticket for my daughter for under $100.00 round trip.  She is
excited to attend and I want her to learn all about how blind individuals
"live the life they want".  I have had the pleasure of taking Danielle with
me.  But, Tatiana has never been.  However, I would be even excited for one
of our State members who have never gotten an opportunity to attend as well.


Just think how a newly blind child or adult will be blessed, favored and
excited to experience people who reflect them.  So, my challenge to all is
to help make every effort to assist someone who would benefit from such an
endeavor. It is an eye opener.  I am certain all Chapters will do whatever
they can to get you or someone there.  Perhaps the ticket may be a little
more; or perhaps you may have to share a room or perhaps, Mc Donald's may be
your main course, it will be worth it.


It is not to late!  If you are seeking a roommate, we will search for you.
If you need a meal, we will provide for you.  If you need anything, we will
do our best for you.  This is what the Federation is about.  $10, $20 or
even $50, we can all pull together and help someone get to the Convention!


Thanks for reading!!



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