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Suzanne,  Thanks we should also remind people that the buffet is free but if
they order off the regular menu it is out of pocket. Thanks to you and your
teammates for working so hard.

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Today, Cheryl, Sandy and I conducted the sinsativity training at the Holiday
Inn for the staff. I must admit that I was nervous at first. But, it went
well. I followed the Staff Training Memo that was written by Patti
Gregory-Chang and I am so glad that our President provided that  document to


There was a discussion that I would like to convey. This is extremely


If you are rooming with someone, please add their name to the room. If their
name is not added, they will not receive a coupon for the buffet breakfast.
Also, they will not be provided a key to enter the room; nor will they be
given a key without your presence. It is again important to take five
minutes and call the Holiday Inn and add your roommate to the reservation.
No one will be provided a breakfast coupon if they are not residing at the
hotel for the weekend or at least one night. If you stay at the hotel two
nights, then you will be provided with two breakfast coupons. If you stay
one night, than you will get one breakfast coupon. 


If you have questions, please email or call me!


Thank you!


Suzanne Turner


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