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Good Afternoon,


The Cleveland Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio  will
offer a day-long Seminar to introduce newly blind individuals to a series of
small sessions on basic techniques and information for their everyday life.
Below and attached is the announcement. If you would like to refer a
potential participant, please call or email me off line. 


Participants do not have to be a member of the National Federation of the
Blind. We will accept a total of 16 people; 8 newly blind individuals and 8
of their companions. 

The info is below as well.

Thank you and please share!







The Cleveland Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio




An Introductory Seminar for the Newly Blind


October 5, 2019


9:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Brook Park  Library

6155 Engle Road, Brook Park, Ohio 44142





This is an introductory Seminar for newly blind individuals that will
highlight best practices by Peer Mentors  from the National Federation of
the Blind of Cleveland. The philosophy of the NFB will be presented,  along
with the "value of alternative techniques of blindness, and the solid belief
that it is okay to be blind."


During The seminar, four small  sessions will be offered by Peer Mentors for
newly blind individuals and their supportive companion to learn about
alternative ways to continue everyday living. These small settings will
offer guidance, advice, assistance and demonstrations from a real-world
point of view. Hence, sharing knowledge and experiences in order to help the
participants succeed  is our main objective. Having a wonderful trusted ally
to go to whenever blind people are feeling unsure or in need is why the NFB
is here. We want to meet the needs of each participant in moving forward at
their own pace and under their own control.



General Session for all attendees:


Part I


The goal of this Session is to introduce the National Federation of the
Blind (NFB). 


Part II


The goal of this session is to introduce Basic Techniques and products for
everyday use.   


Part III


The goal of this session is to Identify, explore and recommend community
resources to enhance activities, to become involved in one's residential
area and to increase peer interaction and support.  


Breakout Sessions

Each Session will have 4 attendees present with a total of 16 participants
in the Seminar. These participants will rotate through four sessions; having
an opportunity to interact with Peer Mentors and explore "hand on" products,
technology and practical methods. 




Title: Staying Connected, accessing print and electronic media.  



This session provides an overview of aids, appliances, and services that
enable blind individuals to fully access mainstream means of communication
media, ranging from use of standard telephones and note taking to reading
books, periodicals, text messages, email, and web pages.  


Session B:


Title: Literacy for the Blind, Reading and Writing Braille



This session will provide a preliminary summary on what is meant by Braille,
who invented Braille and when, what are the benefits of learning Braille,
where to learn Braille, what are the different grades of Braille, what are
the different codes of Braille in the USA, what are the tools for writing
Braille and what are the available resources for Braille.


Session C:


Title: Assistive Technology



This session  provides an overview of Assistive Technology software and
hardware products that aide the blind in equal access to email, websites and
computer applications. 


Session D:


Title: Orientation and Mobility (O&M) 



This Session provides an overview of basic orientation and mobility concepts
for newly blind participants and their supportive companions.



To become a participant, please complete  the following questions. Every
submission will be given high consideration. Participants and their
supportive companion will be notified no later than September 13, 2019. For
questions, please contact Suzanne Turner at (216) 990-6199 or  email by
SMTurner.234 at gmail.com <mailto:SMTurner.234 at gmail.com> .         



Please complete the questions below.


Participant Name:


Participant Telephone Number:


Participant Email:


Supportive Companion Name:


Supportive Companion Telephone Number:


Supportive Companion Email:


How did you learn about the Conference?


Are you a Member of the NFB?


Do you reside in Cleveland or a suburb?


Do you have a special diet, if lunch is provided?


Do you have a secondary disability, besides blindness?


Please provide  additional information if necessary. 



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