[Ohio-Talk] When Free Aira at the Ohio State Fair

Eric Duffy peduffy63 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 22:10:56 UTC 2019

As the Ohio State Fair draws nearer, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) has partnered with Aira, a service for the blind and low vision to offer FREE Aira at the fairgrounds for the duration of the season! 

What is Aira, you may ask? Access this link to learn more https://aira.io/aira-about-us <https://aira.io/aira-about-us>. 

The Ohio State Fair is about exploring different cuisine, satisfying your taste buds (or senses) and maximizing on your day or evening of fun! Aira agents are highly vetted and professionally trained to provide access to visual information on your terms so you can make the most of your fun day or evening out. Whether you want to navigate to a certain show and have it professionally described to you, locate a specific treat, or learn about a desirable product, just call Aira. It’s free, easy to use, and confidential. But wait, there is more! 

When you call at Aira agent on your terms at the fairgrounds, you’re automatically entered in a lotto to win 3 months of Free Aira introductory plan. With an Aira plan, you can use Aira anywhere, anytime! What could you use Aira for outside of the fair? Anything you want, from reading mail, navigating to a coffee shop, to describing pictures of your loved ones.  

So what do you have to lose, other than maximizing on your fun at the fair and winning! 
It’s time to Let the Fun Ring! 
And when it rings, it sounds a lot like the Aira dial tone. To celebrate defining accessible fun on your terms, we’re running a competition where you can win 3 months of free Aira! 

When you connect with an Aira agent at the fair and complete a task on your terms, you’ll be entered into the Let The Fair Fun Ring competition! There are no limitations to how you can use Aira to enter, as long as you call in while you’re at the fair, it counts as an entry into the competition!

Yes, that’s right, just by connecting with an Aira agent you’re in for a chance to win. 
Looking for bonus entries? Share the fun you’re having at the fair on social media about how you used Aira to complete a task with the hashtag #OnMyTerms. Remember to tag us on Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/aira.io/?ref=br_rs> and Twitter <https://twitter.com/airaio>! Each eligible social media post will count as an entry into the competition. And who knows - if you share cool new food or fun ideas, the fair may take that into consideration for your experience next year! 

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