[Ohio-Talk] Please Congratulate our own NFB Artist!

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Congratulations are extended to Owen McCafferty for his Grant Award from the
Ohio Arts Council.


Here is the announcement!

congratulations on your FY 2020 grant award.


Grant awards depend on a variety of factors-including application scores and
the total number of applicants approved for funding-but the biggest driver
is the amount of funds available in the OAC's subsidy budget. With this in
mind, we are very grateful to Governor Mike DeWine, and members of the Ohio
House of Representatives and Ohio Senate, for acknowledging the importance
of public funding for the arts through the state budget's appropriation to
the OAC. The historic $34.5 million allocated to the Ohio Arts Council this
biennium represents a $5 million increase in funding from last biennium and
ensures that more public dollars will be spent over the next two years on
grants for the arts in Ohio than at any time in our agency's 54-year
history. Please make sure you write to the governor
<https://governor.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/governor/contact>  and your
legislators <https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/district-maps>
thanking them for your grant award and for supporting the arts in Ohio. Be
sure to describe how your grant award will benefit your community!


Again, congratulations on your FY 2020 grant award from the Ohio Arts
Council. On behalf of our board and staff, we wish you much success in your
artistic endeavors! Thank you for all you do to support Ohio communities
culturally, educationally, and economically through the arts.

If you need to receive this information in an alternative format, please let
Kim.Turner at oac.ohio.gov <mailto:Kim.Turner at oac.ohio.gov>  know and she can
help you out. 

Ohio Arts Council | Investment Office



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