[Ohio-talk] Urgent action needed for HB214

Mike Leiterman leitlaw at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 17 16:05:33 UTC 2019

I was just informed by rep Brown's office that are prescription drug reader bill is having its first hearing tomorrow. Rep Brown will be giving sponsor testimony  for this bill. Rep Brown has also indicated that HB214 will have a second hearing next week for proponent testimony.  I know that not every member can come to Columbus in such short notice, but you can still help.  If you can get me your testimony I will make sure that it gets entered into the record for  proponent testimony. In addition if you can come to Columbus most likely next Tuesday I can help get you to the proper room to testify at the hearing, plus I could use the company at the hearing.
If you are planning to come to Columbus to testify, please remember that there is a four minute time limit for you to speak. Also please remember to dress appropriate for the hearing.  Please remember that proponent testimony is testimony that is in favor of the issue.
Your written testimony does not have to be long. You should state who you are, and what you would like to see happen. In this case that you would like for the members of the house to approve HB214. The next part you should explained why you would like to see HB214 signed into law. This could be for different reasons such as: independence, privacy, health and safety. You could then end your testimony with a reminder that you are only asking that the blind have equal access to medical information that is already legally required by law to be provided to the public.
I am planning to hold a phone meeting tomorrow night at 7:00pm to talk about this issue and to talk about both written and live testimony. Please make sure to be on the call, we need as much testimony as we can get in support of HB214. Also please remember that you will need to submit your testimony ahead of time even if you plan to give live testimony at next week's hearing. This is an issue that we should be in full support of, and as such I hope that we can all  put something together to submit into the record. I will need your submission by Friday.
Thank you in advance for your efforts in getting HB214 signed into law. I will see everyone tomorrow night on the phone conference

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