[PABS] minutes for December 11, 2016 as well as November 20th

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Hey you all 
Below i will paste the minutes from last Sunday’s call.
Following those minutes i will be pasting Novembers minutes as well.  
Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students
December, 11, 2016 Minutes
(president), lizzy Muhammad (vice president), Tom brown (secretary), Angel Ayala (treasurer), Jason Polansky (board member), Anna Walker 
Silvia (member), Scholarship Chairwoman Patti Chang (guest), Former TenBroke Fellow and current NABS President Kathryn Webster 

Meeting called to order; 7:34 PM
You can look up all qualifications online, below are the special notes from Patti Chang and Kathryn Webster:
Changes this year include:
*1 letter of recommendation (not two).  (Make sure it is meaningful.)
*A president's letter.
*Submit proof of blindness (can even be from your state president if he knows you well), no medical records please.
*700 word essay; tell us about you; don't waste space by starting with "my name is".  Tell us how you deal with blindness, highlight your leadership potential and ability because we're looking for potential leaders (and not just within the Federation).
*Upload the documents online, (it's great because you get an email back to you with the attachments as well). 

Start your application early so that you are not rushing to get it done at the last minute, as a plus you can get it done during the many breaks from school before it’s due
If  application is missing the essay or proof of blindness, then the application will NOT make it to the committee.
The committee is also looking for people with leadership qualities or the potential to lead 
Please please proof read essay and applications  
You must attend all of the convention if you win the scholarship so you are able to meet the other scholarship winners and you will be interacting with mentors in the field that you are interested in.
When writing your essay be thoughtful in the ways you present your leadership qualities, do not just list them 
Form your relationship with your state president 
Be mindful in whom you choose too write your letter of recommendation. 
Choose someone who can speak to your leadership ability, growth, not just because you're blind but because you're just a great person.
Someone who genuinely knows you; character 
No extensions have been granted in the last 8 years. 
Minutes for last month were moved and seconded for approval. 
We have accepted the minutes as sent out in the email. 
I will be emailing the minutes from last month again because of issue with some people and accessing attachments.
The business we had planned for this month will be moved to next months meeting.
Lizzy will be looking at a way to connect with Pabs during her time out in Spain. 
Important Contact info 
Patti Chang  
Email:  pchang at nfb.org
Phone: 773:307:6440

Dates to keep in mind:
January 7, 2017 at 1:30 envelope stuffing will be happening  

Next Meeting: January 8th 2016 7:30 pm
Meeting  Adjourned: 8:23 Pm 
Respectfully Submitted
Angel Ayala
Secretary - Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students  

November 20, minutes  

 Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students
November 20, 2016 
Present: (president), Lizzy Muhammad (vice president),  Tom Brown (secretary), Angel Ayala (treasurer), Jason Polansky (board member), Anna Walker (NABS Liaison), (member)
 Meeting called to Order: 8:05
Presten arived at 8:10 
Talked about getting Jason a cash box but we will wait to we have bigger fund raisers
Jason will be downloading Venmo  so we could have a way to make and keep money electronically  
If Venmo doesn’t work out, we will look at pay pal as an option 
Silvia has created the Pabs twitter account, and we are keeping it active to create a social media presence.
Envelope stuffing dates to be determined
Most likely a Saturday after 1:15 pm 
Angel long term goal is to double our funds by the end of the year
And short term fund raiser idea  is to sell t-shirts and include the main stream population to maximize our profits 
Preston’s Goals are snack fund raiser for convention and Recruit new students for the PABS as well 
Tom: long term- Social network engagement 
Connect with another student division
Jason long term increasing our funds as well, and attracting new recruits
Anna: discussed keeping the PAB’s division active and engaged. 
Lizzy: membership building ideas,, such as when you come to three meetings you’d be entered in to a raffle for different prizes  
She also talked about  inviting people to speak to the Pabs members along with other parts of the Nfb Association
Lizzy will be doing this months Nabs notes.

Lizzy will be assigning Angel and Tom people to contact about the Washington Seminar and about calling in and join us for our months meetings 
Jason will be contacting Amy about the Washington Seminar and our monthly meetings as well
Please let Lizzy know if you plan on  attending Washington Seminar  
Angel will be starting a new group text for the PAB’s association, and sending the Washington Seminar link to the group text  
Lizzy is emailing Presten the PABS list serve 
please come with T-shirt idea’s to the next meeting, 

Dates to keep track of-
December 10th the keystone chapter will be going out to lunch, and we would like to have a PABS show out to increase awareness about what we are planning
The Washington Seminar NABS funding Application will be due on December 2nd 2016
Next meeting for Pabs December, 11th, 7:30 Pm

Meeting Adjourn ed: 9:10 Pm 

Respectfully Submitted
Angel Ayala
Secretary - Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students  
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