[PABS] Minutes 3-20-16

Lizzy lizzym0827 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 00:41:36 UTC 2016

Minutes for the Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students and 
the New Jersey Association of Blind Students' Spring Semin
Date: 3-20-16

Present: Lizzy (PA secretary), Vee (NJ President), Jason (PA 
Treasurer), Hindley (PA President), Sammy (NJ Secretary and 
Meeting called to order: 7:06 pm
This meeting is to have people sign-up for jobs to do at the 
Everyone on the call will be at the seminar (except for Lizzy).
Vee brings up the idea of Phil So, a grad student working in 
admissions at Columbia University, leading a breakout session 
about college admissions.
Hindley adds that it might be beneficial to expand this session 
to include NFB scholarships (state and national).
Kristie (NJ VP) joined the call.
Vee filled Kristie in on the conversation.
Preston (PA member) joined the call.
Hindley filled him in.
Preston says that it might be good to have breakout sessions for 
getting to know you and future goals.
Hindley says that we have a session for getting to know each 
other, she also adds that it might be useful to have a 
professionalism breakout session.
Vee suggests that Hindley and Jeremy run the professionalism 
Vee asked Sammy to pull up some old minutes to take a look at the 
draft  agenda.
Sammy read the draft agenda to the group (basically it's lunch, 
icebreakers, breakout sessions, short break, group wide 
discussion/debate about Federation Philosophy, debrief).
Hindley asked for more ideas:
Vee said to have a breakout about accessibility in college.
Hindley said to have two sessions: One about socializing (joining 
clubs etc), and another about accessibility.
Vee says that we should have a technology breakout session 
(formatting papers, new tech, iPhone etc.).
Jason volunteered.
Hindley says that we'll make tech a maybe for now.
Jason said why don't we do O & M.
Hindley said let's have a breakout on training centers.
Jason will lead this.
Angel join us.
Hindley also brought up the possibility of a Q and A breakout 
Vee said that we could do that as part of the debrief.
We have six breakout sessions.
Reach out to Vee to RSVP.
We need good icebreakers!!!
And a person to investigate pricing for Pizza.
Angel volunteered to find out the pricing for Pizza.
NJ and PA will split the costs for the event 50-50, except in the 
case that a student needs funding to get there.
Vee volunteered to do the icebreakers.
Philosophy debate (which Jeremy will be leading): Someone reads 
out a scenario, you go to the side that fits you, then you 
discuss it in your group and debate.
Next meeting TBA.
Meeting Adjourned: 7:44 pm

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