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Wed Mar 1 23:25:58 UTC 2017

Good evening
My sincerest apologies for getting the minutes to you all this late.
I hope you all have more than enough time to go over these, and look forward to our next call.
see you see
See minutes below…

 Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students
Feb. 23rd, 2017 Minutes
President Lizzy Muhammad, Vice President Tom Brown, Secretary Angel Ayala, treasurer Jason Polansky, member Anna Walker, Member Presten 

Last months minutes have been approved as read.
Anna says that Washington went pretty well. 
She was only there on Tuesday. 
If Anna’s mom has pictures please get in touch with us so they can be placed on the listserve. , and the twitter page, as soon as possible.
Voting for last months t-shirt idea’s went as followed
3 for the dog with the slinky, 
2 for the constitution shirt 
Dog with slinky has passed.
Braille/print T-shirt

Brain storm for words/phrases to pare with our photo.
Presten says, “pabs, helping the Pa blind student live the life they want.”
Angel says something motivational Motivational
Jason says something Punny 
Something cool with the design of the letters of PABS 
Anna says fun facts 
Pennsylvania fighting battles from Civil wars, to accessibility. 
With this slogan maybe an armored dog, with a cane.
Tom says, “from the foundation of the federation.”
Lizzy, “from the foundation of our nation, to the foundation of the Federation.”
Looking up costs, for different sites,
ANgel will be looking up t-shirts cost with Jason.
Then we will bring it back to the board for approval. 
Our goal is to have the shirts by the spring.  
Final designs will be poled on twitter. 
Jason is speaking to Vee about our joint state seminar.  
Jason and Angel will be trying to get Vemo connected to our twitter account.
Next meeting- March 12 2017 7:30 Pm 
Meeting adjourn- 8:15  


 Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.  ~
Alfred Lord Tennyson

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