[PABS] march 12th minutes

Angel Ayala aayala17 at outlook.com
Mon Mar 13 01:16:18 UTC 2017

I hope everyone is having a nice evening, and the springing forward of the time isn’t treating anyone to hardly.
Tonights meeting has been a vary eventful one.
That being said, here are the minutes for what we talk about below.  

 Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students
March, 12th, 2017
Present: (president), Lizzy Muhammad (vice president),  Tom Brown (secretary), Angel Ayala, board member), Anna Walker (  
Meeting called to order- 7:47 Pm 

move to approve- last moths minutes, seconded-

About Pabs shirts-

A red, white or black T shirt with a picture of a Great Dane with armor made of slinkies and a sword as a cane on the front then it would say PABS in either black or white depending on the color of the shirt, going down the right side and on the back it would say "from the foundation of our nation, to the foundation of the Federation." 
33 shirts at $8.95 =$295.35

A white T shirt with a Great Dane and a cane wrapped in a slinky on the back. It would say "from the foundation of our nation, to the foundation of the Federation" on the front top then PABS on the sleeve.
32 shirts at $9.20 =$294.40

A black shirt with the Great Dane on the front, holding a sword as a cane. The back would say "from the foundation of our nation, to the foundation of the Federation" on the back top with the letters P.A.B.S. written down the side of the shirt. 
33 shirts at $8.95 =$295.35

Update about linking Pabs Venmo to twitter-
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the time to link up with Jason, but i will make some time in the next month to do so.

State seminar update-

Lizzy was in contact with Vee, and it seems that the seminar willl be in cooperation with Maryland, Virginia,, New Jersey,, Pennsylvania, and maybe D.c.
The event will be held at the Jernigan Institute 
May 26 is when the board will be coming in to set up and make sure things are in place to have a smooth weekend.. 
There will be calls to plan this weekend out.
The only thing members would have to pay for is transportation.
Multiple speakers if we can get them.

THe Center will be providing lunch.
After lunch there will be another session.
It would be more interactive, and fun.
Maybe a Yoga session.
What ever we do its going to be outside.
Then theres going to be a barbecue type of hang out. 
All of Nabs is invited to this weekend.
One possible name is The Midalantic Summer Seminar.

The next day will be a brunch and a rap up session.

Lizzy will attempt to find an accessible randomizer app.
Lizzy will be pulling a name out of a hat to choose this drawings winner,
She’ll assign everyone a number, and do a drawing and announce the winner via our GroupMe.


Angel has volunteered to write a post for the Pennsylvania state blog.

Social Media sites must remain active and advertise what the Pabs association is up too.

In order to keep the twitter active we will be creating a schedule for different people to keep the twitter engaging.  
Sunday to Saturday in board order.
First up lizzy, then tom, then Angel, etc. 
Each person is responsible for reminding the next person that it’s there turn to take over the account.
Huge congratulations too Anna who has just gotten accepted in to the Summer academy.
Motion to adjourn by Tom.
Second by Anna.

Next meeting- April 9th, 2017
Meeting Adjourned- 8:33 Pm

Respectfully Submitted
Angel Ayala
Secretary - Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students

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