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Thu Sep 21 16:26:36 UTC 2017

Hi all,
Please spread the following far and wide!
Yours in the movement,
President - Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students

The Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students is proud to 
announce our 2017 PABS seminar: LIVE!!! To be held at the 77th 
Pennsylvania State convention from Friday, November 3, through 
noon on Sunday, November 5, in State College, PA.  Join us for 
pizza, ice cream, good music, fun people, and honest discussions 
about whatever is on your mind.  Meet students and young 
professionals your own age and ask the questions about life that 
you can't ask your sighted parents, friends or siblings:

	"So uhh, I want to get a job to take someone out on a 
date...  How do I handle that as a blind/low-vision teen?"
	"How do I put on makeup independently?"
	"What is a training center anyway?"
	"Is the NFB everything I've heard? Or are those just old 
	You'll never know until you come!
It'll be fun, informative and you're guaranteed to make new 
friends by the end of the weekend.  Come for our Seminar and 
pizza party on Friday night; Student breakfast on Saturday 
morning; and outing to the nearby creamery over the weekend.  
It's time to LIVE!!! (Lead an Independent, Vibrant Existence)

	Pennsylvania will graciously cover up to 50% of in-state 
student costs if you reach out to either student president 
Lizzy Muhammad (484) 624:9778 lizzym0827 at gmail.com or State 
president Jim Antonacci (215) 988:0888 ?pres at nfbp.org? 
before October 15th.  Don't wait!!!
Preregister here: http://nfbp.org/convention/reg/

	For complete information about the convention, including the 
hotel name, address, and phone number, plus many additional 
details, go to: http://nfbp.org/convention/
FYI: The preregistration prices are discounted until October 23, 
at which point they will rise.
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